7 new Google features upcoming for Android Devices

7 new Google features upcoming for Android Devices

By IsraeliPanda

Recently, Google delivered the principal designer preview of Android N, the following significant adaptation of Android. The organization generally delivers another form of Android at its yearly Google I/O meeting, however, this time around to accumulate more input and help OEMs and application engineers to all the more likely plan for the update, the organization divulged the OS a couple of months sooner than expected.

Android Version

Dissimilar to Marshmallow, Android Nougat accompanies various new client confronting highlights, including some that have for some time been longed by cutting edge Android clients. A portion of these elements is likewise currently found in numerous Android OEM skins like that from Samsung, LG and Huawei.

Designer see provides us with a smart thought of the multitude of new elements that the OS will pack. Beneath, we view each such major or minor new component presented by Google in Android N.

Part screen performing multiple tasks

This is likely the greatest new component of Android N. Part screen was among the most mentioned highlights from prepared Android clients, and Google is, at last, adding it to the OS. Google’s execution is like how the multi-window include deals with Samsung’s TouchWiz: you put an application in split view mode by lengthy squeezing the new applications button, which then, at that point, additionally raises the new applications switcher at the lower part of the screen to permit you to choose the second application you need in split view.

Split screen mode

The split-screen mode gives both applications half of the usable screen region, however, this can be changed as one would prefer by hauling the handlebar between the applications up or down. Surprisingly better, you can drag ‘n’ drop text starting with one application then onto the next in this mode, which can come in staggeringly helpful in certain circumstances.

Ongoing Apps button

Relax on the off chance that you feel that split-view won’t be valuable for you. Google has likewise enormously worked on the usefulness of the new applications button in Android N that will make it a shelter for weighty multi-taskers.

On Android N, squeezing the new applications button while in the new applications UI will flip between the applications that you have opened, rather than returning you to the frontal area application or your home screen. You can likewise switch between two applications that you are utilizing by rapidly twofold squeezing the new applications button. This component is exceptionally normal in custom ROMs, however, they require a long press to flip between your two latest applications. Google’s execution, as I would see it, is quicker and will make exchanging between applications a breeze.


Removing a signal from Apple’s book, Google has likewise presented another image in-picture mode in Android N. Consider this include how you can limit a video to a corner in the YouTube application, while you can keep on perusing inside it.

Picture-in-picture carries that equivalent usefulness to a framework level, however, this element is right now missing from the principal engineer review of Android N. Also assuming the manner in which Google has phrased things on the Android N engineer seepage, it seems as though this element might be advancing toward Android TVs. Notwithstanding, with the last arrival of Android N even in excess of a couple of months away, there is generally a likelihood that Google has a shift in perspective and carries this component to Android cell phones and tablets too.

Redone warnings

With Android N, Google is giving perhaps the most grounded piece of Android – the warning shade – a significant redo. Aside from another look, the notice board in Android N accompanies many new highlights like Direct Reply, packaged notices and then some.

To begin with, we should discuss the new look of the warning board, which is presently sleeker and more data pressed than previously. From the start, this could appear to be a piece overpowering, however, I think this new plan utilizes the high-goal screen found on most Android gadgets today. In any case, I truly do figure there should be a superior separation between notices from two unique applications, which right currently is only a dainty line that doesn’t help a lot.

Direct Reply

Direct Reply expands on the fast answer included presented by Google in Marshmallow. On a significant warning and an upheld application, you can tap on the answer button and answer the message right from inside the notice board itself.

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