A Look at the New Football-Themed Mario Strikers: Battle League Gameplay

A Look at the New Football-Themed Mario Strikers: Battle League Gameplay

By Alex Balaniuc

June is here, and it has a pretty awesome launch in store for Mario fans: we’re talking about Mario Strikers: Battle League, the upcoming Mario football game set to be released on June 10th 2022 for the Switch.

Nintendo has recently released a new video showcasing how the game is going to play out: then, let’s check out what the Mario Strikers: Battle League gameplay is going to be like!

The Mario Strikers series in short

Before we get into the main topic of this article, I’d like to spend a few words about the Mario Strikers franchise.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is the third installment of the football-themed Mario saga developed by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo. The first title, Super Mario Strikers, was released in 2005 for the GameCube. It was then followed by a sequel, Mario Strikers Charged, published in 2007 for the Wii.

The series is characterized by the chaos, exuberance and politically incorrectness we can also find in the Mario Kart games. Multiplayer mode, in particular, has always been a strength of these games, because it allows for fun, aggressive and fast-paced competitions between friends.

Mario Strikers: Battle League‘s gameplay

Now, the new Mario Strikers: Battle League video released by Nintendo describes what the latest third iteration’s core elements of the gameplay are. Base gameplay aspects of the series are still present in this new title, with a few additions or changes.

The game maintains the five-a-side formation of the previous Mario Strikers. Choose your other four teammates from the roster, and try to score more goals than your opponents. This time, Boom Boom will be the goalie.

One interesting feature is the possibility of tackling your own teammates in order to give them a speed boost that will send them right towards the goal. This will allow for powerful shots that are more likely to score.

Hyper Strikes (previously Mega Strikes) have also seen some changes. Now they appear as power-ups that show up randomly and can be used by any player, not only by team captains. A Hyper Strike counts for two goals, and its effect will wear off if you don’t manage to pull it off in time before you get blocked.

As for Hyper Strikes, regular item boxes capable of giving you a boost will appear on the pitch at random times. Have fun annoying your opponents by throwing banana peels, bombs and shells at them! Also, an electric fence surrounding the field can be used at your advantage by knocking other characters into it.

In the trailer we can also see the customizable gear available in the game. By applying it to any character, you’ll increase or decrease certain stats – such as speed, strength and pass accuracy – to keep things balanced. The customization aspect is pretty rich, so it’d be a shame to not make use of it.

And lastly, the element that most fans are waiting for: online mode. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will get the chance to compete against players from all around the world!


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