Ad game developer Samuele Sciacca offers outstanding free video courses on Youtube!

Ad game developer Samuele Sciacca offers outstanding free video courses on Youtube!

By carolc

“You have no excuses: discover the potential of the Internet”! Thus, the youtuber Samuele Sciacca, in one of his latest videos, invites the many students to follow him with concentration to learn for free how to develop “advergame” video games, a new type of innovative game highly requested by companies for marketing reasons.

In a previous interview we had interviewed Manolo Saviantoni, the pixel art maker of Roman origin also known as The Oluk who, together with Samuele Sciacca, runs a production company of 8-bit video games of the type “advergames” and “memegames“. In the article you are about to read, you will get to know Samuele Sciacca more closely, who, by profession, works as a full-time advergame developer and YouTuber. Keep reading!

Passionate about marketing and video games, Samuele is a professional of “advergames”, that is, those video games developed on behalf of his clients for educational, brand promotion and entertainment purposes. “Today – explains Samuele – companies want to access innovative marketing methods, and I offer the market “advergame” games, products that offer innovation, engagement and entertainment.” Samuele began to try his luck in working with the computer at the age of 16: “I wanted to make 3D models, I made it and started winning, my 3D models are still online!” Born and raised with Pokémon on Gameboy first and then with Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto and soccer video games, “I have always looked at video games with a critical point of view, passionate about the design and development processes of the games themselves.”

Youtube channel

Thanks to the YouTube channel Samuele offers free video courses on how to develop video games. “I love helping my students to make their games, many of those who follow me on YouTube have become professionals.” Samuele tells us that he also taught in physical classrooms on behalf of a prestigious Italian foundation and some primary and secondary schools. “Exactly, both teachers and students have always had a positive approach to the subject of video game development, during my lessons I did my best to try to make students understand what is possible by specializing in this profession.”

About Youtube. Samuele’s YouTube channel, accessible via the following link, has almost 23,000 subscribers and hosts the free video courses launched by “This website of mine – says Samuele – aims to be a community, a meeting point for young people who want to learn to develop video games of any kind.” As of this writing, there are 873 videos uploaded to the channel! The publication is very frequent (1 video per day), the topics of the courses are different (programming languages, game mechanics, operating systems, graphic and sound effects, to name a few) and organized in sections: “for example, in the section “Your games” I analyze and review the games of my students”. The project is growing: “I am looking for other trainers, I would like to implement and lead a community of teachers in the sector. The market in which advergame developers like me work is developing, new excellent professionals are needed to respond to job requests from companies”.

Samuel Sciacca

The invitation to roll up your sleeves and join the community of coaches and developers of advertising games is also reiterated in one of his latest videos posted on YouTube: You have no excuses: discover the potential of the Internet. The Internet is not something you have to use to talk with friends, to watch YouTube videos or just to f *ck . Internet is a source that today allows you to learn any kind of thing completely free of charge”.

You can follow Samuele, contact him and learn for free with his video courses through the links to his web channels:

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