Advantages and disadvantages of using FiiO BTR5 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of using FiiO BTR5 2021

March 18, 2022 By IsraeliPanda

FiiO BTR5 2021 is a second-gen remote Bluetooth collector dongle highlighting a double ESS ES9219C DAC and MQA unfurling. It is evaluated at $119.99

Disclaimer: The FiiO BTR5 2021 shipped off us is an example in return for our fair assessment in this survey. We express gratitude toward FiiO for this open door.

The first BTR5, FiiO’s TOTL Bluetooth dongle has been a local area number one since its delivery in mid-2020.

One and a half years after the fact FiiO carries out a redid cycle for this including stuffed gadgets, with double ESS ES9219C, overhauls in addition to the ability to convey MQA, (Master Quality Authenticated) disentangling by means of USB association.

A large portion of the specs are acquired from the first BTR5 however FiiO claims that the exhibition should be better than the primary version with no adjustment of the value which is a great reward.


There’s a long element list indistinguishable from the first BTR5 however presently you get extra MQA delivering as well as an overhaul in the DAC chipset to a Dual ESS ES9219C from the past ESS ES9218P.

Besides the new DAC redesign the BTR5 2021 likewise utilizes an FPGA coded clock the executive’s framework fueled by double oscillators and an XMOS XUF208 USB chipset, supporting up to DSD256 unravelling when utilized as a USB-DAC.

For remote, the BTR5 2021 offers Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC, (close field association) installed for contact association. You likewise approach a shrewd APP control board to change the way of behaving of the dongle or to change computerized channels on the unit straightforwardly.

The CSR8675 regulator doesn’t give the best reach or save power very much like the most recent Qualcomm arrangements, however, it is entirely steady and figures out how to give 9 hours of listening time on a 1.5hour charge. From the experience utilizing the first BTR5, it doesn’t appear to be a poorly conceived notion to keep a portion of the utilitarian plans and perhaps lookout for some way to improve on the exhibition side.

The BTR5 2021 purposes a double ES9219C DAC refreshed from the first ES9218P on the BTR5. This improves the unravelling capacity with better SNR execution while keeping the power of the executives ideal.

On paper, the estimations of BTR5 2021 come very near a passage to mid-level DAPs yet are indistinguishable from the first BTR5, having the option to yield max 240mW @32ohm load in a decent design. The Signal to Noise proportion is estimated at 122dB, near the human ears limit, and is reflected by the great augmentation in the result.


Getting going with Bluetooth 5.0 help, the BTR5 2021 can deal with AAC up to LDAC at a maximum of 24BIT/96kHz. The Qualcomm CSR8675 arrangement locally available additionally upholds 120MHz advanced signal handling. At the point when you interface with USB sources, it can uphold up to 384kHz documents and local DSD256 disentangling.

On a side note, while levelling functions admirably on AptX, on LDAC association there is no local EQ support except for you can change the EQ choices on your player application before it siphons out the sign.


The BTR5 2021 backings 16x MQA unfurling and the screen will show “MQA” when MQA is working. Interfacing with the telephone with the provided USB-C link and starting up Tidal, the gadget gets into MQA mode quickly according to plan.

The interpreting quality is on a similar level with lossless documents on the telephone. Here and there I observe MQA documents being dominated more elegantly than a portion of my unique accounts, so regardless of whether it is lossy, you could get something very similar while perhaps worse pleasure contrasted with a Redbook WAV.


The FPGA on BTR5 2021 is about advanced clock control, which was once a TOTL DAP include yet presently more famous on top-level dongles. Such exceptionally coded chipsets are liable for Bluetooth and USB computerized signal handling and clock the board, improving the precision of the sign handled and lessening jitter.

The geography has the FPGA chips combined with double gem oscillators working at 45.1584M/49.152M, which are carried out for various inspecting rates.

The sound sign is separated to decrease jitter, so you can feel great control in the result with low clamour execution. From FiiO’s information, the playback quality with the LDAC codec arrives at nearby playback quality like DAPs.


The BTR5 2021 has an amazingly thin and cutting edge plan installing bent boards on a screw-less metallic frame. It has the ideal structure factor for ordinary convey and it is so smooth and light that it nearly feels weightless in the pocket.

The aluminium centre casing is all around machined and sandblasted to feel extremely smooth to the touch. The style is amazing with no repetitive elements standing out. The screen can be plainly perused under daylight and the buttons have clean snaps that are exceptionally receptive to the touch.

The metallic packaging appears to protect the gadget from EMF obstruction pleasantly while guaranteeing a truly steady association. Indeed, even on a jam-packed train it doesn’t slack or drops the association even once.


The retro-looking screen on the BTR5 2021 is a similar unit utilized inside the first BTR5, like the Lotoo PAW S1. This is a 0.49-inch OLED screen with a 64×32-pixel land that shows all information you will require.

This incorporates blending status, battery level, codecs being utilized, volume, and call status. You can move through choices like the charging status, vehicle mode, and its locally available channels with no defer distinguished while exploring through the menu.

BATTERY Duration

The BTR5 2021 requires just 90 minutes to completely charge its 500mAh and you will get 9 hours max on paper with playback on a 3.5mm result. The first BTR5, with Redbook WAV records, gave around 5-6 hours playback before the battery channels out on 2.5mm result so the presentation is comparative given both have a similar battery limit.

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