Android Auto finally receives dual SIM support

Android Auto finally receives dual SIM support

By IsraeliPanda

Google added double SIM support on its Pixel telephones way back in 2019 with the arrival of Android 10. Be that as it may, it took the organization two years to find time to announce different SIM card support in Android Auto. Two or after three months, the element, at last, is by all accounts carried out to Android Auto clients.

Assuming that you have double SIM cards on your telephone, you will get a choice to choose the SIM card from which the call ought to be made when utilizing Android Auto. This was not the case already, as Android Auto defaulted to the essential SIM for settling on decisions. The rollout is by all accounts an arranged one from Google, with a Reddit client who originally detected the element getting it on application variant 7.1.614554 as a piece of the beta program.

For certain clients, a similar adaptation is appearing as the delivery work of Android Auto on the Play Store. Regardless, it ought to just involve time before Android Auto additions double SIM support on your gadget. You can likewise check for and introduce any updates to the Android Auto application to see whether or not it adds usefulness.

Practically all significant Android cell phones sold these days highlight either two actual SIM card openings or have eSIM support for double SIM usefulness. Considering how well known Android Auto has become lately, it was no time like the present Google added this capacity.

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