Apex Legends Xbox: bugs and potential fixes

Apex Legends Xbox: bugs and potential fixes

By IsraeliPanda

Peak Legends started off in great shape and after only two weeks in excess of 25 Million players were counted. In spite of the gigantic outcome of the new Battle Royale shooter, there are additionally a few issues.

Numerous players report Infinity Loading Screens, Game accidents with and without mistake messages, Bluescreen and a few different issues. These blunders influence all frameworks, ie PC, Xbox One and furthermore the PS4.

  • Presently the designers have taken on the point and distributed an exceptionally perplexing rundown of known bugs and bug fixes!
  • Peak Legends – Bug fixes – All known Solutions
  • PC Troubleshooting
  • Right-click on work area alternate way symbol and run “investigate similarity” prior to sending off.
  • Fix the game in Origin. Inside the Origin client right-click on Apex Legends and select “fix.”
  • Close projects and overlays running behind the scenes like Discord overlay, TeamSpeak, Origin in-game and FPS counter, Asus GPU Tweak II, MSI max engine propulsion, EVGA Precision, Shadowplay, Aura for ASUS, RivaTuner OSD, RivaTuner measurements, GeForce Experience, Radeon ReLive, Voicemeeter, FRAPS, OBS studio.

There may be some sort of program running behind the scenes or introduced on your PC that is causing a contention with Origin. By playing out a spotless boot, you close down all pointless projects expected to boot up your PC. When you boot it up send off the game right away.

Roll back your GPU drivers. We know refreshing them to the most recent adaptation is great, however we’re seeing drivers 417.71 and 417.35 quit crashing for players. Utilize the Advanced and afterward ‘Clean Installation’ choices.

  • Switch off G-Sync (NVIDIA) or Freesync (AMD)
  • Change Ambient Occlusion in NVIDIA control board (Manage 3D Settings)
  • Change or incapacitate all types of Vsync for your screen
  • Downclock GPU to default settings
  • Have a go at uninstalling GeForce Experience (NVIDIA)

Increment your GPU and Windows power setting to Max. Open up “NVIDIA Control Panel” – > from the NVIDIA Control Panel, select the “Manage3D settings” from the left segment – > click on the Power the board mode 

  • Take a stab at lessening Texture Streaming from the in-game settings
  • Lessening VRAM use from 8GB to 6GB (streaming surface choice)
  • Reinstall the game to the inside hard drive (C:\) and turn off outside hard drives that aren’t being utilized
  • Add Windows Defender Firewall special cases: (Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall\Allowed Apps). Make a point to add and check the two boxes for Origin’s Launcher program. How projects and against infection projects can struggle with Origin.
  • Right-click the speaker Icon in your framework plate (base left of Windows) then pick Sound > Playback and handicap any result gadget not being used (remember to right snap show all separated/deactivated gadgets).

Assuming that you are experiencing the “unlawful guidance” mistake message, if it’s not too much trouble, report the issue to Easy Anti-cheat utilizing the structure here:

Flipping your language might help. Right-click the game board in Origin, pick Game Properties, then, at that point, Advanced Launch Options. Change the game language (“Polish” helps a few people), save the game and update. When this finishes take a stab at trading back to your language and check once more.

  • Permit Windows to deal with your PageFile size
  • Guarantee that Origin, the game and your PageFile are on a similar drive.
  • Debilitate fullscreen improvements
  • Permit the EasyAntiCheat Service to restart assuming it fizzles
  • Eliminate torrenting programming from your framework.
  • Cap your edge rate.
  • Go to beginning >game library->right click on Apex – >Game properties->advanced->and put in Command line contentions: +fps_max 100. (You can take a stab at setting it lower as well (90, 80, and so on.)
  • One more model HERE
  • Change EasyAntiCheat.exe need to low.
  • Begin the game>Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete)> go to Details and find EasyAntiCheat.exe>Right snap to change need to Low. (This interaction might should be rehashed each time you send off the game)
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