Beetlejuice 2: Update on Jenna Ortega’s Appearance

Beetlejuice 2: Update on Jenna Ortega’s Appearance

By dayannastefanny

Beetlejuice is a 1988 film directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Geena Davis, and Alec Baldwin. The movie is a dark comedy that tells the story of a young couple, played by Davis and Baldwin, who die in a car accident and become trapped spirits in their countryside home.

Inspired by a ghost handbook, played by Catherine O’Hara, they try to scare the home’s inhabitants into leaving, but without success. When they decide to call Beetlejuice, an eccentric and bizarre “bio-exorcist” played by Keaton, things become even more complicated.

The film was a commercial success and received positive reviews from critics. Thanks to Burton’s visionary direction and the exceptional performances of the cast. Especially Keaton, who brought to life one of the most iconic characters of his career. Numerous forms have adapted Beetlejuice, including a Broadway musical, making it a cult film.

A possible sequel has been rumored for years, but until now nothing has been concrete. Recently, it has been announced that Beetlejuice 2 is in development, and this has generated a lot of excitement among fans. 

What can we expect from the sequel?

First thing first, it’s important to note that we know little about the plot of the film. Michael Keaton, who played the main character, confirmed his participation in the sequel, but no details about the rest of the cast have been revealed. It is also unknown who will be the film’s director or screenwriters.

Despite the lack of information, we can speculate on what Beetlejuice 2 might have to offer. For starters, the film may revisit some of the themes and motifs of the original. Beetlejuice centered on a recently deceased married couple who hire a bio-exorcist to drive out the new inhabitants of their home. The sequel may again explore the relationship between the living and the dead, the nature of the afterlife, and the struggle for control of the house.

It is also possible that Beetlejuice 2 will offer new characters and situations. The original film introduced several memorable characters, from Beetlejuice himself to Lydia Deetz, the goth teenager who becomes friends with the ghosts. The sequel could introduce new characters and situations that complement the original story and expand the Beetlejuice universe.

In any case, Beetlejuice 2 is likely to maintain the irreverent and dark tone of the original film. Tim Burton is known for his distinctive visual style and penchant for eccentric characters, and the sequel is likely to retain these characteristics. In addition, the original film was noted for its irreverent sense of humor and unconventional approach to death. The sequel is likely to continue in the same vein.

New appearances to be made in Beetlejuice 2

For years now, there has been speculation about the possible production of a sequel to the iconic 1980s comedy/horror film Beetlejuice. In recent months, rumors of a sequel have been growing. It has been also mentioned that young actress Jenna Ortega may be involved in the project.

Jenna Ortega, known for her roles in series such as “You” and “Wednesday,” has gained media and fan attention for her talent and versatility. Although the film’s producers have not yet officially confirmed her participation in Beetlejuice 2, reports suggest that the actress is in talks with them.

When is Beetlejuice 2 coming out?

We should note that Warner Bros. has not confirmed a release date for Beetlejuice 2 yet. Anyway, it’s expected that filming for Beetlejuice 2 will begin in May or June. This means that the release of Beetlejuice 2 in theaters in 2024 is a possibility.

The director of the first Beetlejuice installment, Tim Burton, has on several occasions expressed his interest in making a sequel to the film. As of now, there hasn’t been much information revealed about the release date of the film. But we are certainly looking forward to watch it.

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