Best TOR Alternatives for Anonymous Browsing

Best TOR Alternatives for Anonymous Browsing

By carolc

The onion router, better known as TOR, is the search engine on the dark internet network. Dark networks are primarily aimed at creating an overlapping network of distributed communications. All accesses that are inroaded with TOR differs by having an .onion domain.

Darknet networks encompass all information that the common one does not have access to and are hidden from traditional search engines. As they are sites protected by payment portals, cloud files that are not at hand for everyone, or documents that they store on private servers that would need special permission to access, use masked IP addresses that can only be reached with a special browser and one of the most popular in TOR. Those sites where you can access without any problem are known as Clearnet.

The TOR browser is a great platform, however it is not the only one as there are other alternatives that can serve to anonymously venture into the internet.

Best TOR alternatives for Anonymous Browsing

Here are some alternatives that also allow us to browse the Internet privately and anonymously.

Invisible internet Project, also known as I2P, is based on DarkNet technology that comes with layered data encryption that uses keys that may well be public or private.


This network is based on P2p that allows us to browse the internet anonymously and totally securely. Is backed by OpenNet and DarkNet technology, encrypting the data between the extremes, the possibilities of being hacked to a minimum since there is no connection to a central server which leads to confusing potential attackers.


This tool has the peculiarity of disconnecting all those connections from the services used that allow to track user traffic, especially when you use it from a mobile device.


Is a search engine that takes the privacy of those who browse through it very seriously, it is responsible for preventing the tracking of the activity that you may have on the network to others to include protection functions against viruses and malware. This navigation tool includes features to safeguard wireless connections and encrypts the information we transmit between WEBSITES.

Comodo ice Dragon

Uses the source code of the Mozilla FireFox project for the safety of its navigators. Which indicates that it keeps its entire platform with the same technology as the most used search engines, being compatible with all available extensions, which makes it an excellent choice for the great privacy it offers its users and because it inherited its excellent features from FireFox.


It is one of the alternatives to TOR that allows us to browse anonymously. This tool can hide our IP while we are browsing, it is cross-platform and is designed to work on virtual machines. It has a particularity that allows you to connect to the web through two virtual interfaces, one that makes NAT and connects to the TOR network and the other that goes down to the virtual LAN.

Outside of questioning, TOR was the most popular anonymous search network, before being hacked, so all these alternatives emerged that, while fulfilling the same role, came with improvements adapted to our times.

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