Best websites and softwares to compress video files without losing quality

Best websites and softwares to compress video files without losing quality

By Ana Gonzalez

When it comes to sharing, uploading, and editing videos, it may be useful to compress your video file. Yet one of the biggest challenges faced when compressing a video is making sure that the original quality is preserved. In this article, we will break down why this happens as a video is compressed, as well as what are some great video compression softwares and websites you can use. 

When a video file is compressed, the resolution, bit rate, and encoding are affected. Lowering the resolution, the number of pixels in a video file, is a convenient way to make sure your file can easily be compressed. The same can be said for modifying the encoding format of the compression and rate of transmission, otherwise known as the bitrate. While changing these factors may prove to be effective in easily compressing the file, the quality of the video itself is largely dependent on how much one lowers the resolution, bitrate and encoding.

Luckily, there are many great compression softwares today that can help maintain the quality of your video. Here are some of the most trusted and widely used softwares/websites you can use:

  • VEED.IO ( Used and trusted by companies such as Facebook and Visa, VEED.IO is an extremely popular choice when it comes to free video editing softwares. With an intuitive interface, VEED contains lots of other helpful features, beyond its online video compressor.
  • Clipchamp ( Also highly trusted by companies such as Google, Dell, and Microsoft, Clipchamp is a high quality video editing software. Note that to access all the features Clipchamp offers, one must subscribe to a monthly membership fee.  
  • VLC ( This is one of the most popular free video compression softwares that can be used on any Mac, Linux, or Windows device. While you may not be able to determine your file size when compressing, VLC does advise you on what might be the best video resolution or format to compress it in.   
  • Shotcut ( This video compressor software can also be used by Mac, Linux, or Windows users. It is free, open source, and is said to support a variety of resolutions and file sizes.
  • QuickTime Player ( For Mac users, QuickTime Player is a convenient software that can be used to compress your videos. Windows users may be able to download QuickTime as well, but only for Windows users with devices before 2009.
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