Can You have multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously?

Can You have multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously?

By ceciliascalzo

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Nowadays all of us use WhatsApp, from the smallest to the largest. This has always been an excellent app to use plus free. From today, however, it will be possible to use WhatsApp also in the world of work, let’s see why and what has changed.      By reading this article you will be able to see how to use WhatsApp with multiple users simultaneously and in addition to manage and collaborate all together in chat, and also offer customer assistance. Unfortunately I can understand the inconvenience of using this application in the world of work, as Whatsapp has never allowed, at least until today, to be used collaboratively, unlike, for example, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. In fact, WhatsApp has never made it possible to use it in a collaborative way by a sales or customer service team. Anyway to date the most effective solution to use is to take advantage of the web version of the WhastApp Buisness app, which at least has the possibility of being able to use response templates and assign tags to chats. But obviously the most popular question has always been “why up until now it hasn’t been possible to manage a WhatApp account on multiple devices at the same time?” The only answer to this question and therefore the only reason why you could not use whatsapp with multiple users at the same time and therefore also manage the same phone number from multiple devices at a time, is that before this app did not have public API. In simple words, this means that since WhatsApp uses a system focused on the mobile number, this does not allow to make the same account accessible to multiple devices at the same time. But then in August 2018 there was a very big change. In fact, at that time WhatsApp announced that it would give public access to the API of its Business version and that therefore through this it would be possible to create a corporate communication to a customer through this channel. In fact, I want to clarify, that for this reason, if you don’t actually own a company or a sales team, I don’t know how much this article can help you. The intent of WhatsApp was in fact precisely to give the possibility of allowing the collaboration and management of your channel by multiple users at the same time, without detracting from the traditional use of this app therefore the normal sending of any type of message.

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