Chromebooks Now Have Dark and Light Modes

Chromebooks Now Have Dark and Light Modes

By julianapardogonzalez

The way of reading has changed with the creation of technology and mobile devices. In this case, the book has not disappeared, but now you can read on your mobile, PC, tablet, laptop, and Kindle. And the light on these screens can be dangerous to your eyes, as a solution these devices count on the possibility to adapt the light according to your visual health and reading necessities.  


In 2011, Google has created a laptop called Chromebooks with the operating system ChromeOS with the idea of helping you to make tasks faster and simple. 


Over the past years, the users have found issues like the data update, sometimes when ended, causes crashes and errors on the device. So Google has been busy polish to the best Chromebooks and adding new features. One of the tools that have been required by the users and Google has been working for a while is the dark and light themes, and now they are finally rolling out. 


The actual ChromeOs on Chromebook are a mix of light and dark elements. The company for several months was testing distinct modes that you could access by toggling the dar-light-mode flag in the ChromeOS flags. And the feature is now spread out to everyone, without the need to search in the flags menu.


Google explained the functions in a blog post, “The light theme” keeps things bright and airy, while “The dark theme”  makes for easy reading at night or in low light and also can help conserve power. More than that, you can choose to keep the laptop on one theme all the time or choose “Auto” to have your Chromebook naturally transition from light to dark when the day turns to night. In addition, some new wallpapers are made for both themes, so your wallpaper will shift too from light to dark.


It is amazing, the system theme even applies to websites! If you switch to dark mode and the site you have open offers the option to change the light, the site will also switch automatically. Total success! The Chrome browser has been able to respond to system theme changes on macOS 10.14+ and Windows 10/11 for a while at least, so it is great to see the option finally arrive at ChromeOS too.   


Google, like other platforms, has some wallpapers that can update based on the current theme. However, Chromebooks will not gradually fade the wallpaper throughout the day, like macOS.


The only problem is that Android applications from Google Play Store at the moment do not switch to the dark theme. This new toggle is rolling out as part of ChromeOS 104.


For all our readers that have a Chromebook, I hope this information works for you and actually can be informed about it. Let your comment at the moment of the update and how works for you the light and dark theme.

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