Create a PayPal Account in the US for Free

Create a PayPal Account in the US for Free

PayPal is among the best online payments systems around, because it allows users to make transactions safely. This service follows strict encryption protocols that make it extremely secure and reliable for sellers and buyers alike, therefore the risk of becoming a victim of fraud, scams and theft is pretty much zero.

So, if you’re interested in trying out a safer way of transferring money online, this article is for you, because we’re going to find out how to create a PayPal account in the US for free!

What is PayPal and how can you use it?

First and foremost, how does PayPal work, exactly? Well, PayPal provides an easy and quick way to send and request money online. You have the possibility of transferring money (abroad) to family, friends, online shops, and auction sites, such as eBay.

Send money with PayPal

In order to send money to family or friends you’ll only need the email address of the recipient. Once you’ve registered your credit card or bank account with your PayPal account you can send payments using the option Send and Request Money. The money will be credited to the recipient’s account and can then be transferred to a bank account, or used to make a payment.

What about online shops? To purchase items and services on an online store’s website with PayPal, you’ll have to make sure that there’s the PayPal logo on the merchant’s website at the checkout. Then, you’ll be asked to log in to your account and confirm the payment without any worries: your financial information will never be visible to sellers or online shops.

Receive money with PayPal

Anyone can send money to you using your email address, as mentioned in the above paragraph. Your email address is linked to your personal PayPal account. You’ll get an email notification once you’ve received a payment, meaning that the money got credited to your PayPal balance. You can then transfer the money to your bank account or use it to make a payment yourself.

As for online shops, those that offer PayPal as a payment option will have the PayPal logo on their website.

Source: PayPal website

How to create a PayPal account

Let’s get into how to sign in for the first time to your PayPal account for free. Before we start with the tutorial, know that opening a PayPal account is completely free, but fees will be charged depending on the payment you make:

Personal payments: payments to friends and family are free, provided you use your PayPal balance or bank account to send said payments. If you use your credit card, the recipient will be charged the associated fees; however, you as sender can state that you will pay these fees yourself

Commercial payments: if you buy an item, the recipient (seller) will be charged the associated fees

Now, here are the steps to creating a PayPal account:

– go to the PayPal website’s homepage

– click  “Sign up for free”



– select the type of account you prefer:



Personal Account

Business Account

– next, enter your phone number



– confirm your number by entering the 6 digit code that was sent to you via message



– then enter the information needed to set up your profile (legal name, email, password, home address, etc.)



– and lastly, agree to PayPal’s policies to complete the process

– once you’ve created your account, add a debit or credit card to it



Now that you’ve opened your PayPal account and added a debit/credit card to it, you can perform any transaction right away!



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