Do you know how to protect your Android?

Do you know how to protect your Android?

By dayannastefanny

The new digital era has helped and facilitated the lives of many people but also many have not helped them but have complicated their lives, as well as new technological items, come out, there are also ways of scamming using these means and currently, we hear a lot that we are being monitored by our cell phones in addition to this we are tracked and it is a problem that has already been solved and that is taken into account to create an application, a social network and even a new technological device, for this reason, App Tracking is created.

What is App Tracking?

This is an application with a beta version release (It is a test version where the goal is to find bugs and improve them, before being released to the public) for the Android operating system and its main function is to block most of the trackers that can be found on Google and social networks.

This is a protection application, although it is not a virtual private network (VPN) since it does not use information or data through an external server but uses a local connection.

How does it work?

After searching and installing the DuckDuckGo application, this application will inform you with a small text.

“The Internet can be a little creepy.

Don’t worry! Searching and browsing with privacy are easier than you think!”

After seeing this you decide if you agree or not, if you click on agree the application will ask you if you want to set DuckDuckGo as a default browser, in the case you choose as default DuckDuckGo will announce that the searches you do with this browser are anonymous as well as if you were browsing in incognito mode in Google Chrome browser, DuckDuckGo application also removes the ads that often appear in the browser after one as a user searched or said, this application will continue to do its job even if you are not using the mobile or Tablet.

Where can this app be found?

This application can be found in the play store and the download is free, it has a score of 4.7 which is very high, and has more than 10 million downloads, it has comments like all your good and bad applications and the score is good, what they always highlight in the comments is that if it fulfills its function, but affects some things of the operating system as the battery and that many times it slows the system.

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