E-commerce in Tik Tok

E-commerce in Tik Tok

By Valentina Tuta

E-commerce in Tik Tok has grown exponentially in recent years, even more so when the platform has suddenly become one of the most famous. Thus, Tik Tok’s global e-commerce team has taken very seriously the task of providing the consumer with a much more innovative and effective shopping experience, while allowing the merchant to bring their products to life.

Therefore, the global e-commerce staff has spoken out to explain what their project is based on and how they manage it even when they are in different parts of the world. First of all, head of category operations at the UK headquarters, William Bolitho, spoke about his strategy to grow the electronics category. Aimed at finding the best items at the best prices, Bolitho’s initiative focuses on collaborating with other teams to promote them on the platform.

Similarly, Icha Marisa, creator operations representative, works hard to grow and develop content generators in Indonesia, helping them to grow and establish their presence on Tik Tok as e-commerce creators. In particular, she is in charge of the identification of market trends, the search of possible producers and the creation of strategies to launch products via livestream.

Afterwards, we have Michael Javier who lives in Singapore and focuses on the adoption of vendor policies, reviewing local market regulations in case new product categories need to be opened or the merchant’s risk management has to be improved. So if you are interested in joining the team as a trader, you can feel safe, since you will be fully covered. Also, as you can see, the cultural diversity of the organization becomes a key element in the process of developing a platform where it is possible to engage with consumers and businesses from all over the world.

On the other hand, being an entity where everyone’s opinions are equally valued, projects are cross-functional and people are more open to both learning and feedback from the team, which gives them a certain level of autonomy to drive their own projects in local markets since the real goal of the proposal is to bet on new brands and creators and help them grow into established e-commerce creators.

Finally, the company is currently looking for new talents who are willing to accept the challenge to make their way in the market. Remember that this is a well-known project where, as Icha states, “you will not only learn how to run an e-commerce business, but you will also experience the dynamics of working for a social media platform that combines e-commerce and content creation.” 

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