Exciting VR Games Announcements at Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

Exciting VR Games Announcements at Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

By Alex Balaniuc

On April 20, 2022, the second annual Meta Quest Gaming Showcase took place, and it brought along a series of exciting announcements: today, we’re going to find out about the new VR games presented at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022!

For those who don’t know, Meta Quest 2 is the name of a virtual reality (VR) headset developed by Reality Labs, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta. It was previously known as Oculus Quest 2, but it was then rebranded as Meta Quest 2.

In an effort to expand the Meta empire, the company is also focused on expanding its VR video game catalogue. Thus, during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase of a few days ago (you can view the livestream right here), a few interesting announcements for the gaming community were made, and various trailers were shown.

Coming soon sequels on Meta Quest 2: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Moss, Red Matter, Espire, Bonelab and Resident Evil 4‘s The Mercenaries Mode

New Quest 2 games are on the horizon, and Meta reassured the audience that every single one of them is slated to release within next year. We’ll find out what these are in a minute.

What about the updates concerning already released titles? Well, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and Moss are both getting a sequel, while there’s some news regarding Resident Evil 4 as well: it’s The Mercenaries mode, a free update you can download right now.

We’re also going to experience the second chapters of Red Matter and Espire this year, as well as Bonelab, the sequel to Stress Level Zero’s Boneworks.

Ghostbusters VR

But the true bomb announcement was the one about Ghostbusters VR, introduced by Zuckerberg himself. Developed by nDreams and published by Sony Pictures Vitual Reality, the game will take you in a ghost-ridden San Francisco, a city in need of a savior that can unveil the mystery surrounding it. Grab your proton pack, jump on the Ecto-1, and hunt down the ghosts that are intent on disrupting the peace! A big plus is the possibility of also playing multiplayer mode with up to three friends.

Among Us VR

And we can’t leave out the news regarding Among Us VR, which already debuted last year at The Game Awards to the delight of the fanbase. Be ready to spot even more sus activity on part of your crewmates, or wreak havoc as the Impostor, but this time in virtual reality! The game was born from the work of three studios, that is Innersloth, Robot Teddy and Schell Games. With this last studio, in particular, Meta announced a partnership for the creation of three more projects.

NFL Pro Era

Another interesting addition to the line-up is NFL Pro Era, the first officially-licensed NFL game to become VR. Announced by StatusPRO, the game will give football fans the chance to be completely immersed in adrenaline-pumping matches in their favorite NFL stadiums.


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