F1 22 Miami Track: Here’s the Best Setup for this New Track

F1 22 Miami Track: Here’s the Best Setup for this New Track

By Alex Balaniuc

F1 22 came out on July 1st this year, and it didn’t take long for the fans of the game to come up with a few suggestions about which setup is best for each track.

But in this article, we’re only going to focus on one challenging track in particular. Let’s find out what’s the best setup for the new Miami track in F1 22!

The beginning of the F1 gaming saga

The most important World Championship for formula racing cars entered the gaming world 22 years ago with F1 2000. Given the generally favorable reception of the title, F1 became the first entry of a series that would generate a new game every year.

Starting 2009, Codemasters took on the role of developer for the next games in the franchise. F1 22 was therefore developed by the Southam-based team, with EA Sports as the publisher.

The game is available on many different consoles and platforms: Microsoft Windows (Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store), PS4PS5Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The new features in F1 22

Now, what does F1 22 have to offer to its players compared to the previous titles?

The most notable news is the one concerning new car models with updated physics, following the latest upgrade of the 2022 Formula One World Championship technical regulations.

The tracks have been updated, many had their layouts revised, and there’s a brand-new addition: the Miami International Autodrome, for the Miami Grand Prix.

Other new features are Formula One Sprints, adaptive AI (adjusts the pace of AI cars according to your performance), VR support for PC, and F1 Life, a customizable hub mode that allows you to collect supercars, clothing, accessories and trophies. While you’re waiting to enter your next race, you’ll be able to see your friends’ avatars and collections.

The best setup for the Miami International Autodrome

But now let’s go back to the Miami track that got many fans excited, and let’s try to establish what setup is needed to complete it optimally.

The right vehicle configuration will definitely give you an extra edge on this circuit, which is by no means an easy one. Paying attention to your car’s aerodynamics, suspension, brakes and tire pressure settings is going to make a difference.

This Florida racetrack features 19 corners, 3 long straights, and 3 DRS zones, with an estimated top speed of 320km/h. Being a street-style circuit, it has very challenging quick corners and a layout that encourages close racing.

Here’s what we think is the best setup for the Miami track in F1 22:


Front Wing: 15

Rear Wing: 19


Differential Adjustment on Throttle: 72

Differential Adjustment off Throttle: 52

Suspension Geometry

Front Camber: -2.5

Rear Camber: -1

Front Toe: 0.06

Rear Toe: 0.2


Front Suspension: 6

Rear Suspension: 4

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 3

Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 3

Front Ride Height: 2

Rear Ride Height: 6


Brake Pressure: 100

Brake Bias: 50


Front Right Tyre Pressure: 23.4

Front Left Tyre Pressure: 23.4

Rear Right Tyre Pressure: 21.2

Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 21.2


We hope this helps!


Source: PCGamesN


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