Features You Need for Your E-Commerce

Features You Need for Your E-Commerce

By camilaforero

Here you can find a list of features that will be very useful when creating your virtual store and starting your virtual business to be successful.


  1. Effective Flow

The first step here is for the design to be consistent and eye-catching to grab the attention of buyers to sell your product. An excellent UX (user experience) is to channel customers to buy and generate more sales, several online stores offer website templates that attract the attention of buyers either for sales or specific information.

Another important characteristic is to have a good UI interface (user interface), here the design of the page is very important, to capture the attention of the buyer, also keeping in mind that the functions work correctly also for mobile phone users; this is how UX and UI go hand in hand to achieve a good flow.


  1. Free Promotion

Four marketing strategies can be used for the organic growth of your website:


  • SEO wording and design:

SEO is search engine optimization and the technique of using words and phrases to make your website appear higher in search results. Important parts of your e-commerce store, products and categories for example, should be optimized as well as using keywords for headers and content. (Find here the steps to start your e-commerce)


  • Integrated reviews:

It is used to improve search rankings, having good and many reviews helps to top your website in search results, as well as helps make it easier for customers to access information and buy.


  • Social media posts:

Including videos or interactive publications is another strategy that increases search results, the idea is that it is a video related to the products or the publications that you make on your website. Similarly, this strategy serves to increase visibility on social media platforms.


  • Upselling:

The idea of upselling to customers while they are in the payment process will not increase sales as much as other strategies, but it can increase revenue.


  1. Closing the Deals

A reliable payment system must be taken into account, depending on the needs and preferences of the clients, you can decide which payment methods to include for your website and make the transaction process simple. A good strategy is free shipping, you can consider eliminating shipping fees, and if you can’t offer it, be sure to show all costs and shipping times before completing the purchase.


  1. Integrations

For e-commerce, and new innovations about it, software developers have helped with open source software that can be integrated into quite a few websites, depending on the platform it is built on. Also, customers can be sure that the information they give is secure, so it is necessary to have an SSL certificate to verify authenticity, personal or cloud servers with firewalls and 2FA identification systems.


  1. Wrapping up

There are many e-commerce options, however using these steps and strategies can go a long way in building your store and increasing your sales, as well as adding additional features as needed. Also to finish, remember that PrestaShop offers an open source platform for you to develop your virtual store according to your needs.

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