Free Publicity Ideas

Free Publicity Ideas

By Valentina Tuta

Free publicity ideas you can take advantage of without paying large sums of money, take a look at them so that you can see how to make your company one of the most recognized in the market. The crux of the matter is to keep customers’ attention because as you get more guest bylines, invites to podcasts, or requests from journalists, more and more people will be interested in your enterprise and what you do. Let ‘s see them!

  •  Run a word-of-mouth or referral program

Probably you didn’t know but this is a very common way to help to grow your business. Mainly because your clients will be responsible for you to be acknowledged and also it works as a sign of approval. 

Just keep in mind you have to give them something in return such as high quality products, discounts, better prices, a rewards program or early access to new merchandise. Basically you have to delight your customers so much that they want to share you through their networks.

  • Collect and showcase reviews

Another way to benefit from your client’s support is through their reviews. But first, you have to establish how you are going to collect them. To tell the truth, many people opt for implementing QR codes in every potential touchpoint they have with customers, for example: Directory listings, Google Business profile or your online store.

In addition, Cody Arsenault, founder of Baby Waves, recommends leaving a name of something that’s from your menu or product catalog since if you leave a reference to the area, Google Maps optimization will be improved in your favor and it will be easier to find you online.

  • Donate products to influencers and creators

Currently, social networks have evolved so much that it is now easier for retailers to reach their target audience regardless of who they are, what they’re interested in, and where they live. And although algorithms have made it even more difficult to connect with other people, many brands have decided to join the pay-to-play model strategy. You see, this initiative is based on donating a free copy of one of your products to one of those loyal followers your company has, aiming to leave a good impression of your company. 

As a matter of fact, as we know, with the rise of TikTok it will be easier to find a creator to collaborate with, because some experts point out that “throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s estimated 50 million people around the world now consider themselves to be creators.” So, probably half of merchants plan to work with influencers to develop co-branded products next year. 

  • Partner with other small businesses

It is perhaps one of the most effective ways to reach out to clients. In fact, partnering with small businesses brings you new opportunities to improve in terms of advertising as you can run joint social media campaigns, run a contest or giveaway together, or even just exchange links on your websites. This way, customers will have the opportunity to get to know you through other brands and you can expand your target audience. 

  1. You can also implement these popular ways of collaborating:
  2. Co-hosting a pop-up shop in your local area
  3. Shouting out each other in an email to existing customers
  4. Selling collaborative products and splitting the profits
  • Write guest posts

There is a remarkable way to advertise for free by posting your content on other website’s blogs which can help you to create backlinks and improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Then, what are you waiting for to invest some time to writing a good article that showcases your expertise? 

In other words, this could be a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise by appearing as a guest on a business podcast or write posts for respected blogs and sites like LinkedIn and as Alexandra Fennell said, “Content is king, whether you post it on your website or your brand partner’s platform.”

  • Start an email newsletter

Most merchants don’t have the money to pay for a platform that allows them to contact their clients directly, but maybe you had never thought about email, haven’t you? Well, it is easier to send out newsletters and publicity focused on behind-the-scenes content, exclusive offers, or expert advice. 

But be careful because nobody wants an email full of spam and intrusive advertising. Then, if you really want to use this alternative, try to design personalized content such as customized, relevant and valuable messages with tutorials on the use or maintenance of the product they have purchased over time. Remember that you are trying to improve the relationship with your customer base, not trying to push them to buy just like that.

  • Enter awards or competitions 

This is an excellent way to earn credibility for your business. Moreover, it can also generate free publicity (in case you win). Although it is not exactly essential that you become a winner, because just by being selected as a finalist, you can feel proud and free to publish it on your website to encourage your potential buyers. 

Now, when presenting this content on your official website, you can highlight positive consumer reviews, previous awards you have won and the endorsement of experts in the industry you are part of. Some of the contests you can participate in include:

  1. Best in Biz Awards
  2. Best of Small Business Awards
  3. National Small Business Week Awards
  4. Dream Big Awards
  • Run a giveaway or competition

You can use contests as an advertising strategy, according to recent research, instagram accounts that run regular giveaways, grow 70% faster receive 3.5 times more Likes and 64 times more comments than those that don’t. To design the contest, challenge your customers with a task or activity (such as uploading photos or videos to social networks and tagging your brand) that involve your products, this will undoubtedly open the door to potential target audiences while advertising your brand for free.

  • Guest on podcasts or speak at events

Although your work is based on getting sales at any cost, it is important that you implement other strategies to win over the audience, such as speaking at conferences, podcasts and webinars through which you can educate your target audience and promote your brand in a more entertaining way.

In addition, you can take advantage of venues such as trade shows, online forums, radio shows and YouTube channels with audiences that offer you the opportunity to communicate with your customers.

  • Quiz your customers

The easiest way to improve your products, receive reviews and filter items according to population is to make a questionnaire for users to answer for themselves based on their preferences. Many makeup brands have implemented this strategy and it has worked very well for them. Approximately half of U.S. adult Internet users are very satisfied when brands use their data in advertising because it helps them discover products that they may not have known existed and that are of interest to them.

  • Run a crowdfunding campaign

This is a very famous strategy in the modern market, as it helps small businesses achieve cash investments along with free advertising. So, be prepared to receive investments from people who like your idea while generating brand awareness. 

As you’ll see, Ridge Wallet opted for this approach when it was in search of a boost to get free publicity and as a result raised $400,000 through Kickstarter, a budget sufficient to get production underway at its company and prove the effort a success. If you want, you can keep an eye on the most popular crowdfunding sites:

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Indiegogo
  3. Fundable
  4. Crowdfundr
  5. Crowdcube
  • Build a community

Despite having presented a lot of strategies, we know that this year marketers will invest more in loyalty and connection with their customers. Therefore, we advise you to find communities on Facebook groups, Slack channels or Reddit forums where people share similar interests as your target audience so you can subtly pitch them your products or services in order to get free publicity.

  • Pitch stories to journalists

Finally, you can identify what type of content your target customers read and contact some journalists to provide them with a good story that your readers will find interesting. You can do this in local media (Los Angeles Time), regional media (Michigan Live), or industry publications (Food & Wine Magazine). 

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