Future Trends of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics in Business

Future Trends of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics in Business

By germana

Image your average day at the office; you sit on the desk for 7-8 hours and keep on generating gigabytes of data. While sitting at home; you spend time chatting with your friends or share emails with lots of content. The surprising fact is that all these chunks of data are utilized by the big players in the business industry to present more personalized services to you. The secret of immense growth in the business industry is the influence of some advanced technologies. Yeah! We are talking about the big giants in the market: Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics.�

Can you imagine the future of the business industry? The trends are revolutionizing day by day, and our life is becoming full of comfort. It is just because of the reinvestments made in big data and the advanced algorithms like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The business professionals these days are able to make informed decisions with data-driven services, and it helps them to get a loyal customer base in the market.�

Experts have predicted the future trends of all these amazing technologies and their awesome impact on the business sector. Below we have highlighted a few amazing details to update your knowledge base:

The Future of AI:

From past few years, scientists have worked upon the development of machines that have the ability to behave and think like humans. In the near future, the business industry will be occupied by these artificial intelligence-enabled machines and they will be performing all the operations without any time constraint. The self-driving vehicles, robotic factory staff, digital assistants, and smart cities are some of the most awesome projects that have revolutionized the business sector. These technologies are going to transform the scenario in almost all industry sectors like media, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and retail as well. AI enabled medical health care systems will ensure better handling of patient conditions to ensure timely treatment. With the advanced business models, the business investment ecosystem will ensure extensive growth. Most capital market operators by 2020 will be utilizing blockchain to predict market movements, and it can also help to detect fraud.�

The Future of ML:

Trends reveal that Machine Learning will be an integral part of various AI systems working at small and large level throughout the world. There are strong possibilities of Machine Learning as a Service technology where all the services will be offered through cloud systems. The AI enabled machines will allow ML algorithms to learn continuously as per the emerging information available on the internet. The hardware vendors will spend most of their time enhancing CPU power so that it can handle the ML data processing. In short, they will be designing whole new machines to make better sense in the context of increasing data for algorithm training.�

Some of the most popular trends in this sector will be collaborative learning, personalized computing environment, quantum computing, unsupervised ML algorithms, and tuned recommendation engines.�

The Future of Big Data Analytics:

You might have heard about dark data; one of the most emerging big data trends in the business sector. This data can revolutionize the technology in coming years while creating newer job roles for the specialized experts. Most companies around the world will consider big data Hadoop as a potential solution to generate more revenues. Reports say that the global market share for big data analytics and the allied technologies is going to cross the limit of $57 billion in the year 2020.�