Get BioShock: The Collection Completely for Free on the Epic Games Store

Get BioShock: The Collection Completely for Free on the Epic Games Store

Right now Epic Games Store is having the Epic MEGA Sale, an annual event during which it’s possible to purchase thousands of discounted items and to obtain coupons. This year the sale started on May 19, and it will end on June 16.

One very exciting thing about this is the fact that, for a week, Epic Games gives users the chance to get a random high-production, critically acclaimed game completely for free. This week it’s BioShock: The Collection‘s turn. So, if you’re interested, you can get BioShock: The Collection for free on the Epic Games Store before it’s too late!

About Epic Games Store’s MEGA Sale

How does the sale work? Well, every Thursday you can visit the Epic Games Store to claim new free games for your digital library. And once you do, you’ll get to keep them forever. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. Each game is only available for a week, though, so you better make a move while you can.

As I mentioned, the mega sale started on May 19, and the game chosen for the occasion was Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software’s third chapter of the beloved action RPG first person shooter saga. A week later, BioShock: The Collection became available as a free product.

BioShock: a brief overview

For those who don’t know, BioShock is a retrofuturistic video game series that combines first-person shooter and role-playing elements, giving the player freedom for how to approach combat and other situations. The BioShock games are regarded as immersive sim, since the choices the player makes throughout the story carry a lot of weight.

The story takes place in 1960. The protagonist Jack, following a plane crash, finds himself completely alone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. After spotting a lighthouse, Jack discovers Rapture, an apparent utopic city that is actually a hub of anarchy and civil unrest. Surrounded by chaos and threatening hordes of psychotic mutants, security robots and armored supersoldiers, Jack acquires superhuman powers with the help of his allies. The genetically modified man is committed to his mission: rescuing the Little Sisters, or to kill them in order to harvest their crucial genetic material. His choice will determine his own destiny.

The series is among the best-selling video game franchises of all time. Critics and audiences alike agree that BioShock is one of the best examples of video games as an art form. What truly elevates this saga is its portrayal of philosophical matters, such as the issue of morality and total utilitarianism, but also its immersive environments and unique settings.

Get BioShock: The Collection for free

What will the next Mystery Game be? That’s obviously a secret, therefore we’ll have to wait until June 2 comes around to find out.

Until then, you can claim BioShock: The Collection for free on the Epic Games Store by clicking on this link!


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