Have a look to the Mario Kart Sky Tour

Have a look to the Mario Kart Sky Tour

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The Sky Tour is the sixty-fourth visit through Mario Kart Tour, which started on February 23, 2022, and closes on March 8, 2022. As its name recommends, it presented a recently changed Sky Garden from Mario Kart: Super Circuit as an exemplary course after its last appearance in Mario Kart DS. This visit additionally presented a variation of Mario wearing his pilot cap and outfit from Super Mario Odyssey. Kamek, Peach (Halloween), and Rosalina (Halloween) return as spotlight drivers for the second seven day stretch of the visit, alongside variations of Kamek’s Zoom Broom as the spotlight karts.

This visit will finish up the Winter Celebration occasion that started in the Wario versus Waluigi Tour. As well as holding the Winter Challenges, the visit will include a bunch of Winter Multiplayer Challenges that award Black Yoshi upon consummation, which will go on until the accompanying visit, the Mii Tour, as well as another new driver, Light-blue Shy Guy, as a prize for setting high in the positioned cups. This visit is likewise the main visit to incorporate two Glider Challenges, and the second one after the first Anniversary Tour to have just one Time Trial challenge rather than a few.

This visit’s Coin Rush is RMX Mario Circuit 1, which was reused from the Mario Bros. Visit and the Mario Tour. The menu’s experience includes a few beanstalks and a Toad House from GBA Sky Garden as the milestone for this visit. Up until the arrival of Version 2.12.0, the title screen picture for this visit was changed to address Team Waluigi’s triumph over Team Wario during the Wario versus Waluigi Tour.

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