Hide your Files on your Huawei Device: A Guide

Hide your Files on your Huawei Device: A Guide

By Alex Balaniuc

Sometimes, you might feel the need to hide some of the files you have on your Huawei phone. You probably found yourself in this annoying situation, after all: someone grabbing your phone and scrolling through your personal files without your permission. And like that, the other person might have seen things they shouldn’t have. That’s why we’re here to help you find a way to avoid this from happening again: in this article, we’re going to learn about how to hide your files on your Huawei device!

Here’s how you can hide your files on Huawei

The best way to hide your files on Huawei is without a doubt the Safe. The Safe is a special storage method that will keep your files hidden and, therefore, safe from prying eyes. This is possible thanks to the fact that to access the Safe you’ll need to enter a password every time. The password should only be known to you, of course; if you’ll share it with someone else, this person will be able to access all the files you carefully hid in your Safe.

How to enable the Safe

Enabling the Safe is extremely easy, so, let’s get into how it’s done:

– go to the Files app on your Huawei phone



– tap Safe: you’ll now be asked to enable the Safe, if you haven’t done so yet



– enter a password for the Safe. It should be between 6 and 16 characters (both numbers and letters)

– select Next

– now, choose the two security questions. It’s important to remember the answers to these questions, because if you haven’t linked a Huawei ID, you’ll need them to reset your password

– you can pick the security questions you prefer, such as:

What is your father’s name?

What is your partner’s name?

What school did you go to?

– then there’s a second set of questions, such as:

What is your mother’s name?

What elementary school did you go to?

What is your dream job?

– after completing this step, you’ll enter the Safe

– instead of having to enter the password every time, you can use your fingerprint – Link fingerprint – to access the Safe more quickly next time

– then, you’ll be asked to Associate a Huawei ID. This makes it easy to reset your password in case you forget it and can’t remember your security answers either. This feature, as for the fingerprint, is optional

Note: your Huawei ID may be unlinked once you’ve logged out or moved your Safe to another device.

Move your files to the Safe

Now that we learned how to enable the Safe, let’s see how we can move the files we’d like to hide in there. Follow the steps below:

– go to the Files app once more

– select the type of file you want to hide

– now long-press on the file

– tap More at the bottom right



– select Move to Safe



– your file will be successfully moved to the Safe!

Access your Safe

Every time you want to access your Safe, you’ll just need to enter the Safe password. Your files will be stored here based on their type:





– you can select Add to add other files directly from the Safe: choose among Images, Audio, Videos, Files


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