How much do Google product managers get paid?

How much do Google product managers get paid?

By IsraeliPanda

An item supervisor at Google is involved from the origination of a plan to its execution while sitting at the intersection of innovation and business. The job is beyond question one of the most fulfilling, as is the Google item administrator pay. Each up-and-comer planning for a specialized meeting has forever been keen on the Google item chief’s pay and advantages. Since Google manages a different scope of items, the Google item chief compensation range changes incredibly relying upon the requests of individual items.

To know what is the typical Google item administrator pay and how much does it contrast according to even out, then this article is for you. Peruse ahead to know the all out pay, stock advantages, and different advantages a Google’s item chief gets.

In the event that you are gunning for a task at Google and planning for the tech interview, look at our inquiries questions page and compensation discussion digital book to prepare interview! Likewise, read How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Google? also, Google Product Manager Interview Questions for explicit experiences and direction on Google tech interviews.

Having prepared north of 9,000 programmers, we know the stuff to break the hardest tech interviews. Starting around 2014, Interview Kickstart alums have been landing rewarding proposals from FAANG and Tier-1 tech organizations, with a typical compensation climb of 49%. The most elevated at any point offer got by an IK alum is an incredible $933,000!

In this article, we’ll take a gander at some ordinary Google Product Manager compensation levels and figures. We’ll cover this:

  • What’s the Average Google Product Manager Salary?
  • Google Product Manager Salary and Levels
  • Stock Benefits for Google Product Managers
  • Different Benefits of Working at Google
  • Google Product Manager Salary versus Other Tech Companies
  • How to Crack the Google Product Manager Interview?

What’s the Average Google Product Manager Salary?

Item Managers guarantee that tasks push ahead and are conveyed without a hitch. PM profession stepping stools at large tech organizations ordinarily incorporate different work levels in light of involvement and expertise levels. We should check out at the typical compensation of an item director at Google.

The typical Google Product Manager pay is $198,742 dad, which incorporates a base compensation of $158,757 in addition to a reward of $39,985. This all out pay is $82,786 more than the public normal for an item supervisor. Google item administrator compensation can go from $118,000 to $505,555 dad, with value going from 0k to 100k.

The deal you get from organizations, for example, Google is additionally vigorously affected by your capacity to arrange. Peruse The Ultimate Guide to Salary Negotiation at FAANG for Software Engineers to improve your compensation exchange abilities.

Google Product Manager Salary and Levels

Google Product Manager compensation contrast in light of your work job and experience. Google has a level based pay framework that guarantees workers at a similar level procure a practically identical compensation. Following are the different program supervisor levels and the typical pay they get:

Notwithstanding the Google item chief compensation, the PMs likewise get a piece of Google’s Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) according to their expert capability, regardless of the gig job and position. Here, RSUs are dependent upon a 4-year vesting plan — 33% vests in the principal year, 33% in the subsequent year, 22% in the third year, and 12% in the fourth year or 36% vests in the primary year, 28% in the subsequent year, 20% in the third year, and 16% in the fourth year.

Different Benefits of Working at Google

Notwithstanding the serious Google item supervisor pay, the representatives get a great deal of advantages. They are:

  • Protections, covering dental, AD&D, wellbeing, handicap, life, vision, wellbeing bank account
  • Maternity leave, paternity leave, took care of time, debilitated time,
  • Worker help, telephone bill installment, pet-accommodating work environment, reception help, business travel help, deprivation leave, organization telephone
  • Bicycles nearby, local travel framework, organization transport, transport recompense
  • Limits, understudy loan, educational cost repayment, learning support, retirement benefits
  • Remote working
  • Paid suppers

Google Product Manager Salary versus Other Tech Companies

In the event that you’re searching for an item director work at a tech organization, it’s smart to gauge your choices. Here is a correlation of Google’s item director pay with other top tech organizations (normal yearly compensation across levels):

Google, on normal is one of the most lucrative organizations for the Product Manager job. Facebook is the following most elevated. We should take a gander at a nitty gritty correlation among Google and Facebook Product Manager pay rates by levels (normal yearly compensation).

Google’s item administrator screening can be precarious. It for the most part requires a long time to finish. The meetings are led over video calls and on location. You must be ready with information designs and calculations, coding rudiments, framework plan, and item information.

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