How to add select context menu in Windows 11

How to add select context menu in Windows 11

By IsraeliPanda

It is feasible to add any application the Windows 11 setting menu with several changes to the Windows Registry document. We show you how it functions.

With the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft chose to abbreviate the length of the standard setting menu in Windows Explorer (arrived at by right-clicking a filename or envelope). The thought was to show just the most normally utilized potential applications for that particular document type, which sounds great in principle, yet it isn’t generally the best answer for power clients.

n a past article, we examined how to change the new more limited setting menu back to an additional recognizable and longer Windows 10 rendition utilizing the Windows 11 Registry document. Presently, we will clear up the cycle essential for add applications to the setting menu that Microsoft wanted to leave off their supported rundown of applications.

Instructions to add applications to the Windows 11 setting menu

For the reasons for this Windows 11 Registry document alter, we are expecting you have previously changed Windows 11 to utilize the more drawn out rendition of the setting menu. In any case, on the off chance that you have not, this tip will in any case work, just any new applications you add to the setting menu will be shown on the “Show more choices” submenu of the default Windows 11 framework.

Disclaimer: Editing the Windows Registry record is a serious endeavor. A debased Windows Registry record could deliver your PC inoperable, requiring a reinstallation of the Windows working framework and possible loss of information. Back up the Windows Registry document and make a legitimate reestablish point before you continue.

To make our alters in the Windows 11 Registry File, we will type “regedit” into the Windows 11 hunt apparatus. From the outcomes, pick the Regedit application and afterward utilize the left-hand window to explore to this key, as displayed in Figure A.

For our model, we will add Notepad to the setting menu. You might add any application you pick, yet in the event that it is excluded from the System envelope of Windows 11, you might need to incorporate the full way data as well as the application executable record name.

Right-click the (Default) esteem in the right-hand windowpane of the new order key you recently made and choose the Modify thing. Type “notepad.exe” into the Value information box, as displayed in Figure D. Click OK to finish the cycle.

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