How to automatically play video in Google Slides

How to automatically play video in Google Slides

By IsraeliPanda

At the point when you arrive at a slide with an implanted video in Google Slides, some of the time it will take you a couple of additional seconds to kick it off. Moving the cursor to the video thumbnail to squeeze play can be baffling and occupy your significant time.

Luckily, Google Slides have a helpful choice that permits recordings to consequently play once you arrive at the slide they’re on. Everything necessary are a couple of straightforward snaps, and this article will show you how.

Make Google Slides Automatically Play the Video

To make a video start naturally when you change to the slide, you’ll have to change a few choices. Follow these means:

Click the video on your Google Slides undertaking and choose the Format choices button that showed up over the video. The new side menu will spring up on the right half of the screen.

Step by step instructions to Make Google Slides Auto Advance After a Video

In the event that you need a consistent show with recordings, you should make your slides naturally advance after a video plays. This strategy will expect you to know the length of your video.

You might need to make a few things, for example, shapes with a period delay, on the page and spot them behind the video to get the auto-advance element to change slides when required.

The most effective method to Insert a Video in Google Slides

Before you begin playing your recordings naturally, you ought to initially figure out how to appropriately embed them. You can embed any video, either from the Drive, YouTube, or one more web-based feature with a couple of straightforward snaps. To do this, you want to follow these means.

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