How to Change a Website’s Text Size in Safari for iPhone and iPad

How to Change a Website’s Text Size in Safari for iPhone and iPad

By julianapardogonzalez

To understand how to change the size of the text in Safari, first, we need to understand what it is, a browser. The idea of a browser is to be an informatic tool to navigate the internet. The browser interprets the HTLM cod and the result is that you can see the information that had a website.   


Not all websites are the same. Each webpage manages its background, style, and size of letters (sometimes use tiny while others have colossal text size), publicity, etc. But when you are browsing Safari on your Apple device, you can change the text size to suit your needs. 


When you see web pages on your Mac, you easily change the size, by pressing the command +” +” on the keyboard to increase the text size. But do you know how to do it with the touchscreen on your Apple device? 


A tip that I offer you is to use the text zoom tool of Safari. This feature only changes the text size of the website, which means the others things will permanently be the same. Once you have changed the text size of a website, Safari will remember each time you open the page. 

These are the steps to take: 


  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and visit the webpage where you want to increase or decrease the text size. 
  2. The next step is to tap the “aA” icon on the left-hand side of the URL bar.
  3. Then, select the “a” button to reduce the text size, or touch the “A” button to increase the text size.
  • By default, the text zoom is set as 100%. But you can change it to 50% or take it up all the way to 300%.
  1. If you want to reset the text size to the default, easy! Tap the percentage value in the middle. 


Also, Safari’s zoom text tool has another function that works very well in the reader’s view. If you usually like to read a lot of articles and even without the site elements in larger text size, we recommend you that use Reader Mode.


  1. After loading the webpage, tap and hold the “aA” icon to enable the Reader View. 
  2. Then, select the “aA” button again. From here, you can increase or decrease the text size. 


Reader View will remember your text size preference no matter your website.


I hope that you enjoy reading this article and can apply it!

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