How to change notepad font and size in Windows 11

How to change notepad font and size in Windows 11

By IsraeliPanda

Tacky notes are quite possibly of the most utilized application that anyone could hope to find on Windows PC after Notebook. It gives a simple to-utilize and clean point of interaction to save notes immediately with practically no issue.

There are times when we needed to increment tacky notes text dimension however couldn’t do as such. Thus, to fix this issue, Microsoft after the Windows 10 Commemoration update, carried out another adaptation of Tacky notes under the General Windows Stage (UWP). It offers a couple of phenomenal elements that were missing in its past variant.

The speedy response is that you can’t change the textual style type in tacky notes. It is only a straightforward and lightweight note-taking application absent a lot of customization.

Could I at any point Change the Text dimension in Tacky Notes?

The response is NO. There are no implicit choices to expand the text dimension in Windows 10 or Windows 11 tacky notes. The more seasoned rendition of the tacky note’s application has this choice. Thus, you might track down related advances and screen captures on the Web to increment or diminish the text dimension; however, the most recent variant of the tacky note’s application doesn’t have this choice.

The freshest form of Tacky notes accompanies highlights like a custom variety choice and gives experiences yet missing inherent text dimension change.

To change the text dimension of tacky notes, there is at present just a single choice accessible, for example by Straightforward entry choice under the influence board.

Tacky Notes Text dimension Change in Windows 10/11

  • To change tacky notes text styles, go to the control board by squeezing WINDOWS + I key together or all along – > type in search bar – > control board.
  • Taken care of board – > Simple entry choice
  • Simple entry – > search for “Make everything greater” – > Select 150%
  • You will find comparative choices under ‘Availability’ in Windows 11 settings application. Expanding the Text size will change the tacky notes text dimension and the whole Windows 11 appearance.

There is no immediate method for changing tacky note text dimension without influencing different applications.

Here is the distinction for the text dimension in Windows 11 tacky notes subsequent to changing the Text size in the settings application.

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