How to change your tip on Uber Eats before or after food arrives

How to change your tip on Uber Eats before or after food arrives

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The conclusion of cafés during the pandemic and remain at-home requests around the nation has prompted an increment in administrations like Uber Eats. However, even before that, helping conveyance through Uber Eats was a major piece of life.

Heading to an eatery is something you might not have any desire to manage. Part of requesting conveyance is the tip. While you’re pondering that, you need to ponder – do Uber Eats drivers see your tip?

When Do Uber Eats Drivers See Your Tip?

Uber Eats drivers see the tip before they convey your request. Assuming you decide to leave a tip, the driver gets a warning that shows the tip sum once they affirm conveyance on the application.
Then, we’ll clarify how the interaction works for Uber Eats drivers. Fundamentally, the manner in which Uber works is comparable whether you are a Uber Eats driver or a standard Uber rideshare driver:

  • A Uber Eats notice will spring up and inquire as to whether you need to travel X measure of miles and make X measure of cash.
  • Assuming you acknowledge, it will let you know the café and the time submitted in that request.
  • When you get the request and have affirmed it in the application, it will give you headings to the location where you should convey the request alongside particular guidelines, for example, door codes or passage bearings.
  • After you have conveyed the request, you affirm the application and afterwards leave.
    Inside a couple of moments, the driver will get a spring up a notice with the cash that you have
  • procured for the ride. This brought in cash does exclude any tip sum.
  • A couple of moments later, the tip sum gets shown, assuming there is any.

Step by step instructions to Tip Uber Eats Drivers

To hand your Uber Eats driver a money tip, you can tip them through the application. This should be possible in a couple of simples to follow steps. There are three methods for tipping your Uber Eats driver through the application – before conveyance, after conveyance, and in your request history. We’ll jump into each of the three choices.

Prior to putting in your request

  • Open the application and put your food things in your truck.
  • Whenever you have gotten done, keep following the prompts to put in your request.
  • Whenever you get to the “Survey and pay” screen, track down the segment that says “Add a tip.”
  • Select the tip rate or dollar sum. To add a custom sum, tap “Other.”
  • Wrap up putting in your request.

After your request has been conveyed

After your request gets conveyed, the Uber Eats application gives you the choice to rate your experience. At the point when that occurs, you can likewise add a tip. In the event that you decide to add a tip after the conveyance, a refreshed receipt gets messaged to you. Assuming you tip after the conveyance, you can’t change your tip sum. Nonetheless, remember that assuming you decide to tip after the conveyance, you might have to stand by longer for your request to be conveyed. This is on the grounds that Uber Eats drivers focus on orders with higher tip sums and profit potential, and your request might get skipped around.

Tipping a request in your request history

  • For as long as 90 days after your Uber Eats conveyance, you can add a tip to your request.
  • In the Uber Eats application, go to the base menu bar and tap on Orders.
  • Pick your desired request to change and add the tip to.
  • Tap “Add tip” close to the tip sum on the request.
  • Add the tip sum.
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