How to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch

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You recently bought the Nintendo Switch, but you want to improve the sound when you play in public places or at home, which is why you also bought the Bluetooth headphones. You still haven’t been able to connect them to the portable console? Don’t worry, today’s guide will explain how to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch.

You can pair up to 10 audio devices, including Bluetooth headphones and speakers, with the console. However, remember that you can connect one audio device at a time and up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously. So when you play the Nintendo Switch with Bluetooth headphones, you can connect no more than 2 wireless controllers.

In addition to this, you should also know that Bluetooth microphones are not supported and you cannot use Bluetooth headphones for a local game wirelessly.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch

Now that you have learned this important information, we can start! If you want to activate the Bluetooth Audio mode of the Nintendo Switch:

  1. access the main console screen;
  2. click on the gear icon at the bottom;
  3. In System Settings, select the Bluetooth Audio option.

If the latter is not available, go to System and click Console Update, to update the console software to the latest version.

If you came to this point:

  • take your headphones and activate the pairing mode by pressing the appropriate button.
  • When the indicator light starts flashing it means that the headphones are ready to pair.
  • After that, in Bluetooth Audio press on Add device and wait for the Bluetooth headphones to be detected.

If the steps you’ve taken have gone the right way, you should see the screen “Select the Bluetooth audio device you want to use” and the list of devices that are detected. So:

  1. press on the name of the Bluetooth headphones you want to connect;
  2. wait for the connection;
  3. finally, click OK.

How to disconnect Bluetooth headphones from the Nintendo Switch

To disconnect the Bluetooth headphones from the console, the steps you need to perform are simple:

  1. go to the Bluetooth Audio section;
  2. click on the name of the device in question;
  3. select Disconnect this device.

For a future connection, simply click the name associated with your Bluetooth headphones again and then select Connect this device.

Instead, if you decide to permanently remove this device, click Remove Device two times in a row. You can then associate it again with the Nintendo Switch by following the procedure I indicated at the beginning of the guide.

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