How to Connect Chromebook to a Monitor for dual display and mirroring

How to Connect Chromebook to a Monitor for dual display and mirroring

By IsraeliPanda

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I love utilizing my Chromebox when I should be useful. Try not to misunderstand entirely me, I love my Chromebook as well yet with regards to genuine work I don’t figure you can beat a Chromebox arrangement. Figure out additional about the advantages of a Chromebox contrasted with a Chromebook.

Whenever I initially began Chrome Computing just once again a year prior I was utilizing a Chromebook. It was fine however I before long acknowledged I could be more useful with a work area PC arrangement. I bought an Asus Chromebox 3 and associated it with my current 27-inch show. My usefulness expanded, which I believe is a great deal to do with your mentality. See whether a Chromebox is appropriate for you.

I as of late chosen to make a second Chromebox arrangement in my lounge room, so thought it was the ideal chance to go for a double presentation arrangement. I realized this would further develop my usefulness much more.

Instructions to CREATE A DUAL DISPLAY SETUP FOR A chromebox

The principal thing you really want is a Chromebox that upholds double presentation. Not everything Chromebox PCs do, so it’s significant you check with your producer. You want a USB Type-C port that upholds DisplayPort.

There are various ways you can accomplish a double showcase arrangement and this relies upon the PC screens you pick. The arrangement in this post discloses how to accomplish it utilizing screens with an HDMI association.

To make a double showcase arrangement you’ll require the accompanying:

  • A Chromebox that upholds DisplayPort
  • Two screens with an HDMI association
  • One USB C to HDMI connector
  • Two HDMI leads

The Asus Chromebox 3 accompanies one HDMI port to associate a presentation to your PC. You associate the primary showcase as typical utilizing one of the HDMI leads.

The subsequent screen is associated through the USB Type-C association, which should uphold ‘DisplayPort’. The Asus Chromebox 3 backings DisplayPort, which makes associating a second presentation simple. Most screens just accompany an HDMI association and not a Type C. To determine this you want the USB C to HDMI connector, which will permit you to add a further presentation to your Chromebox. I’ve recorded two connectors beneath from Amazon for both UK and USA perusers.

Associate the second HDMI lead to the second screen as ordinary. You then, at that point, associate the opposite finish of the HDMI lead into the HDMI attachment on the connector. You should then be left with a USB Type-C on the opposite finish of the connector, which you essentially embed into the USB C DisplayPort on your Chromebox. That is all there is to it!

Whenever you’ve added the two screens to your Chromebox you’ll need to change the presentation settings for each screen.

You’ll see above there is a check box with ‘Mirror HP 24f’ close to it. The ‘HP 24f’ is the name of the screen, so it will vary assuming you’re utilizing various screens to what in particular I’ve utilized. The mirror choice, when ticked, just means whatever is being seen on one screen will be seen on the other.

I’m certain there are many motivations behind why you might need to do this, however, a large portion of us add an additional showcase to can have various windows appearing on each screen. To do this you just leave the mirror choice unticked. This will then, at that point, permit you to have various windows showing on each screen.

This is a significant choice since it permits you to tell Chrome OS how you have your screens situated. The vast majority decide to have their screens next to each other, yet some might choose to have one screen on top of the other.

It’s unimaginable for Chrome OS to know how you have situated your showcases, so you want to change the game plan settings.

Above you can see two screens one next to the other. In the event that you have your presentations next to each other, this might seem set up accurately. On the off chance that they are set up accurately, the mouse cursor should move over to the second screen in a characteristic course. Moving from the right screen to the left should basically mean moving your mouse cursor to the left.

On the off chance that this doesn’t occur, have a go at moving your mouse cursor to the contrary edge of your screen. You should then see the mouse cursor move onto the subsequent presentation. On the off chance that this occurs, you really want to drag one of the presentations to trade their position. Whenever you’ve done this your mouse cursor ought to normally move from one presentation to the next.

Having a Dual-Display is an extraordinary advantage of Chrome OS and the Chromebox PC. You simply need to guarantee the Chromebox you have upholds DisplayPort. In the event that you’ve not yet purchased a Chromebox then I would suggest the Asus Chromebox

Whenever you’ve utilized two showcases you’ll battle to move back to a PC with one presentation. It makes day to day errands a lot more straightforward and is great for any individual who needs to utilize more than each application in turn.

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