How to connect smart bulb to your Alexa

How to connect smart bulb to your Alexa

July 28, 2022 By IsraeliPanda

Cree Lighting stays focused on development and bringing the advantages of human-driven lighting to everybody. Associate your Cree lights to Alexa in your home to gain voice influence. In the event that you interface the savvy gadgets to Alexa, you have some control over your home lighting, for example, ON/OFF, splendor diminishing, increment brilliance, variety changing, and more capabilities with your voice naturally. Thus, assuming that you are intrigued to know how to associate Cree light to Alexa, kindly go through this blog.

How to Connect Cree Light Bulb to Alexa?

Before you know how to interface Cree light to Alexa, it’s smarter to how to set application a Cree light. In this way, here, we have given the matching subtleties on Cree Lighting Connected Max Smart LED bulbs. The Cree Lighting App and Alexa ability just work with Connected Max Bluetooth and WiFi Smart LED bulbs and don’t work with the first Cree Connected Zigbee bulb.

Register another record

When the application has sent off, you want to enroll a record.

Enter your email and enter the check code which is shipped off your email address.

Then, make a secret word for your record. Empower area administrations and Bluetooth as they spring up.

Assuming that you are now enlisted, you can sign in straightforwardly.

Match your Cree Light bulb with the application

Introduce the LED bulb that you need to coordinate according to the directions given in the manual. When the establishment of bulb has been finished, the shrewd light ought to be begun blazing gradually to show matching mode.

  • In the Cree Lighting application, go ahead “+” in the upper right corner of the home screen.
  • The bulb you need to coordinate will show up on the screen. Tap on the Next button.
  • The wifi organization to which your telephone is associated will show up. Here, you can change your organization association if necessary.
  • Presently, the Cree Lighting application will add your shrewd bulb.
  • After finishing of adding process, you can rename your bulb. To change the name, tap on the pencil symbol close to the name and afterward click “Done”.

Reset the bulb if necessary

On the off chance that the bulb isn’t blazing, you need to reset it into matching mode by switching it now and again multiple times until the bulb starts to streak gradually.

Directed arrangement

  • When the bulb is matched to the Cree Lighting application, you can finish arrangement and customize your lighting experience.
  • Tap on the bulb picture on the home screen to start the arrangement.
  • Pick the room where you are utilizing this bulb. On the off chance that it isn’t recorded, you can alter it in home administration after the underlying arrangement.
  • Follow the sun – If you empower this, your light will change its tone and force consequently.
  • Light to wake – If you are involving the bulb in a room, you can empower this choice as it assists with getting you up in the first part of the day.
  • Light to rest – Your light assists you with nodding off more straightforward around evening time by empowering Light to Sleep.
  • Plan – Select yes or no to set a timetable to need to light turn on, off, or change tone at explicit times.

After arrangement, all the abovementioned, tap on Done and presently, you are prepared to control your Cree Lighting bulb.

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