How to convert a table into a picture in Microsoft Word

How to convert a table into a picture in Microsoft Word

By IsraeliPanda

Need to change over a table into a picture in Microsoft Word or save it as an image outside the record? 

With Microsoft Word, you can rapidly transform a table into a picture. This is an incredible arrangement when you need to share the Word doc and don’t need others altering and organizing the table.

In this article, we’ll investigate two simple techniques to change over a Word table into a picture and how to trade the picture from Microsoft Word.

Take a Screenshot

This is the quickest way you can transform a table into an image and supplement it into your Word record. You can take a screen capture of the table and glue it into a similar report. While this is the most straightforward strategy, it may not give you the best outcomes.

You must be extremely exact while choosing the table. Any other way, the picture will incorporate white boundaries, and you’ll struggle with attempting to find a format style that looks great. Luckily, there are better techniques that won’t indulge the general look of your archives.

Utilize the Paste Special Option

To embed the table as a picture utilizing the Paste Special choice, begin by clicking anyplace inside the table. This ought to raise the table handle in the upper left corner of the table. Click on it to choose the whole table.

Right-click the table and select Cut or Copy. Then, at that point, open the Home tab, broaden the Paste drop-down menu, and snap Paste Special.

Microsoft Word will currently embed the table as a picture. You can now resize it, pick one of the design choices, or even prevent the picture from moving around in the report.

Instructions to Save the Image on Your Computer

After you’ve transformed the table into a picture inside Word, you can save it on your PC. Right-click the picture and select Save as Picture. Then, at that point, set the record objective and document type.

Utilizing this strategy, you can rapidly utilize the picture in other applications, for example, embedding it into your PowerPoint show.

Safeguard Your Tables

Presently you know how to transform a table into a picture and save it beyond Word. Rather than sharing the whole archive and having your associates search for pertinent information, you can without much of a stretch send the picture.

At any rate, transforming a table into a picture in Microsoft Word isn’t only one of the elements that can make your life simpler when altering a report.