How to create a Telegram Bot without coding

How to create a Telegram Bot without coding

By IsraeliPanda

The wire is one of the most involved programs for texting and it is known for the likelihood having bots that associate with clients secretly or inside gatherings.

A portion of these bots are exceptionally valuable and some of them are simply intended to be entertaining.

In this instructional exercise, we will make our own bot without worrying about any code.

1) Install Node.js

We will require this to run the bot on our PC (or for the ones a smidgen nerdier on a Raspberry).

In this way, how about we download it from here:

2) Download the project

This is the connection from GitHub where to download all the material expected to design and run the bot: Download

The entire venture (let me call it along these lines, I would rather not utilize “code” to not terrify anybody) is on GitHub:

3) Create a BOT with BotFather

To make a bot we want to get an authorization code from Telegram (called API token), and for that, we need to contact BotFather:

BotFather is the one bot to control them all. Use it to make new bot accounts and deal with your current bots.

4) Configure your token

In the event that you haven’t gotten it done at this point unfasten the venture inside an envelope then rename .envExample to .env (see later assuming you’re on Windows) and alter the accompanying line, embedding your API token given by BotFather:

5) Configure your responses

Presently it is the ideal time to be innovative.

Open the record answers.json and how about we give a gander at it.

Here’s in the same place as every one of the responses put away, it’s not difficult to see the construction, a link of these “objects” that contain the triggers and the answers to every one of those triggers.

Obviously, this is only a model with 3 responses, you can have much more.

How about we investigate how it is created:

triggers: connection of strings that trigger that response

answers: link of a “sub-objects”

Every last one of the answers has

answer: which is the thing is intended to be sent as a message

type: it determines the kind of the answer, which can be “text”, “sound”, “picture” or “reaction”

Contingent upon the sort, the answer ought to have a significant worth: on the off chance that the kind is equivalent to sound or picture the worth of the answer should be a substantial way to a record on your PC regardless of whether putting these sort of media inside the envelope “media is exceptionally proposed”.

Concerning now the extentions tried for media are “.jpg”, “.gif” and “.mp3”.

Alter October 2021: presented type “reaction”, in which the bot will statement the message it is paying all due respects to. It is likewise conceivable to insert hyperlinks in HTML design.

6) Download conditions

On a Command Prompt sort the accompanying order (inside the organizer of the venture) to download all the dependencies required by the bot:

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