How to Deal With Smartphone Addiction? (8 WAYS)


Smartphones have become a crucial part of our day to day life. Can you imagine any of your days without your smartphone? You probably can’t. They have become so important in our routine lives that, without them, it has been very tough to live for most people.

Smartphones make our day to day lives easy, but they can be very addictive as well. It’s about how the person uses this device. It’s a blessing for the person who uses it for important and productive tasks. At the same time, it can be a curse for the person who excessively uses it for unimportant tasks.

If you are here, you must be suffering from smartphone addiction and want to deal with it. First of all, understand when you can say that you have smartphone addiction. The addiction to a smartphone is when you find yourself constantly surfing the internet, chatting with friends, sending emails, using apps, and playing games.� Here are some ways that can help you deal with your smartphone addiction:

1. Track your usage

The first important step in the process of stopping your smartphone addiction is tracking your daily smartphone usage. Checking out your daily smartphone usage will give you an idea about how addicted you are to your smartphone. It will also provide you the information for which apps you use the most. Smartphone apps like Space and Moment can give you a detailed idea about the usage.

2. Set time limit

By tracking your usage, you will get an idea about how much time you are spending on what apps. It could be social media apps (like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc), games (like PUBG, COD), etc. Note that the addiction won’t go away completely within a few days or weeks. By setting the time limit for different apps, you will be notified every day when you use the particular app for the time limit set.

3. Start slow

When it comes to dealing with smartphone addiction, what the majority of people make mistake is they completely eliminate their smartphone device right from the first day. Through this approach, it is not possible to deal with smartphone addiction. Instead of that, what you can do is start slow. You don’t have to go extreme right from the first day. Your addiction can be dealt with when you start taking action slowly.

4. Stop scrolling

Popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are made with infinite scrolling functions. It means no matter how much you scroll, you will keep showing new content. Such apps are real time-wasters. Probably, the majority of your time goes into scrolling these different apps. What you can do is either reduce the usage of such apps or delete them.

5. Have a plan for your phone use

Having a plan for your phone use can also help you deal with smartphone addiction. You overuse and get addicted to your phone because you don’t have any usage plan for it. Without a plan, you use it randomly whenever and wherever. You need to have a clear idea about when you should be using your phone and when not.

6. Turn off notifications from all unnecessary apps

If you think a particular app is taking so much of your time and you get distracted to it, then you can turn off notifications from that app. Or you can turn off notifications from a person who is distracting you. For example, on Whatsapp, you get unnecessary notifications from a particular person. What you can do is turn off notifications from that person.

7. Find alternatives to your smartphone

You are maybe very addicted to your smartphone due to boredom. What you can do is you can find alternatives to your smartphone that can help you reduce your boredom. You can spend your time in your passion, hobby, or any other good activity like exercise, playing guitar, cooking, etc.

8. Stay busy

Staying busy on work or any other activity is also a great way to deal with smartphone addiction. You are likely to use the smartphone when you have free time. In your free time, instead of taking the smartphone, you can do other activities. The activity could be your passion or hobby. It could be reading, writing, cooking, dancing, music, etc. Or, you can even spend time with your family & friends.


Smartphone has been an important part of our routine life. It has been difficult to completely avoid this smart device from our life.

But, if you find yourself wasting your time on this device all the time, you need to take some steps dealing with this addiction. In this post, I have explained some best ways through which smartphone addiction can be controlled.