How to Delete a Google Site

How to Delete a Google Site

By IsraeliPanda

In the event that you have at any point made a Google Site ( for your homeroom site or as a show webpage yet are done utilizing the website, you might have considered how to erase the site. You can erase a site you are the proprietor of. Be cautious since, supposing that you erase the site, you erase it for EVERYONE the site is imparted to.

Go to the Website

First, you should go to the site. You can track down the site at ( whenever you’re signed in to your Google account.

Blue Share Button

A no-nonsense method for getting into the administrator board of a Google site is to tap on the blue offer button.

General Options

By tapping on the blue offer button you are taken to the sharing settings in the administrator board. On the left-hand side, you need to tap on “General.”

Look Down

Look down a little on the General settings page and there is a choice to erase the site.
There will be an affirmation screen to ensure you truly need to erase the site. Click the orange erase button and the site is gone for eternity.

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