How to delete all liked videos on tiktok at once?

How to delete all liked videos on tiktok at once?

By IsraeliPanda

TikTok is one of the most famous informal organizations around right now with more than 150 million day by day clients and a great many downloads. Since the time it took over from, it went from one solidarity to another, developing greatly and arriving at millions across the globe. It started as a lip-synchronizing application, and that is as yet a significant piece of it, yet it has developed into something else.

TikTok can be a phenomenal inventive outlet, however, there might be times when you want to abandon it or need to start from scratch and start once more. However simple as reevaluation seems to be via web-based media, it’s additionally simple inside TikTok. You can either erase all your TikTok posts and start again or wipe your record and start from the very beginning.

In the event that you might want to Delete Liked Videos on TikTok, we have the arrangement with two strategies you can use to do as such.

So on the off chance that you are on one or the other Android or IOS, this is an ideal aide for you. So assuming you have any recordings you have preferred on TikTok that you enjoyed and need to be eliminated from your loved recordings you are presently perfectly positioned.
I will likewise tell you the best way to conceal your loved recordings which is basically similar to erasing so nobody can see them on visiting your profile.

Technique 1: Delete Liked Videos

1. To erase an enjoyed Video go to TikTok.
2. Go to your profile (Me Tab).
3. You should see your recordings on the tab close to your recordings you will see a heart click that tab. That is all your recently preferred recordings.
4. Click on each video in turn or a particular video and snap the heart again and it will be unliked or taken out from your enjoyed recordings.


Technique 2: Hide or Delete Liked Videos

This is essentially similar to erasing as nobody however you will actually want to see the recordings you have preferred.

1. Launch TikTok.
2. Go to your profile.
3. Click three specks upper right and go to settings.
4. Go to Privacy and wellbeing.
5. Look for: who can see your preferred Videos and set it to Only me.

Presently when you go to your profile you will see your preferred recordings yet others will not.
That is it assuming you have anything to add kindly do as such underneath and kindly offer this one.