How to download Amazon Prime Video shows and movies for offline viewing

How to download Amazon Prime Video shows and movies for offline viewing

By IsraeliPanda

You can watch Amazon Prime Video in a couple of ways, whether that is a tablet, your TV, a cell phone or a program, yet shouldn’t something be said about the disconnected surveys?

To have the option to watch Amazon Prime Video content while voyaging or utilizing your gadget someplace you know will not have a decent web association, then, at that point, there are different ways of downloading content for disconnected watching.

Stay with us as we clarify how

The cycle for downloading video content from Amazon Prime Video on your telephone is genuinely direct. Follow the means beneath to download content from Amazon Prime Video onto your telephone or tablet to see disconnected.

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video application for either Android cell phones or Apple iPhones.
  • Look for the show or film you need to download.
  • Tap on the ‘Download Season [insert season number here]’ to download a whole season. For films, you clearly have the choice to download the whole thing to your gadget.
  • On the other hand, for shows, look down and download explicit episodes by tapping on the plate symbol with the bolt close to every episode.
  • You can pick whether you need Prime Video to advise you when the download is done.
  • Tap on Downloads at the lower part of the screen to get to your downloads.
  • Whenever you’re done watching, it merits erasing the download and let loose space on your telephone – you can set the application to do this consequently too by tapping on ‘Make due’ in the Downloads segment.
  • Likewise in the ‘Make due’ settings in the Downloads segment, is the capacity to turn on or off Auto Downloads. When on, you can pick the number of episodes you might want to auto-download with choices from one to five.
  • You want an Amazon Prime record to do this, yet you can then download both Amazon Prime Video content and bought movies or shows thusly.
  • Assuming you visit Amazon Prime Video in a program on Windows 10, you’ll see a choice to download the particular show or film you’re keen on. Clicking that button will take you to the Amazon Prime Video application for Windows.
  • Download that application and sign in to your Amazon Prime record. You’re then, at that point, given a lovely and natural point of interaction that is like the cell phone one.
  • Look for the substance you need to watch and you’ll see the choice to download either individual shows, whole seasons or motion pictures straightforwardly to your gadget.

When downloaded, that content is then open by means of the “Downloads” tab on the left-hand route inside the application.

Overseeing capacity

For both the Windows 10 application and the cell phone application, you can pick download quality choices utilizing the settings gear-tooth. This is in the base left corner of the Windows 10 application, or in the upper right corner of the cell phone application in the My Stuff tab.

Once in the settings, tap on ‘Streaming and Downloading’ and afterwards ‘Download Quality’.

You can browse these download quality choices:

  • Best – 1 hour of video utilizes around 1.4 GB of information and capacity
  • Better – 1 hour of video utilizes around 0.8 GB of information and capacity
  • Great – 1 hour of video utilizes around 0.5 GB of information and capacity

The settings in the Windows 10 application will tell you how much space you’re spending with the downloads as well and you can erase any you’ve gotten done with from the downloads area. For the cell phone application, the Downloads tab will show you this data, as referenced previously.

It is actually quite important that you don’t get to pick where the downloads are put away, which is a disgrace as it implies you can’t oversee capacity assuming you have bigger interior or outer drives working close by your principle Windows drive, or you have a microSD card in your cell phone, for instance.

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