How to Find the Exact Location of an IP Address?

How to Find the Exact Location of an IP Address?

By ypaolavc

When surfing the vast world of internet there is a lot of data that we can expose, as our information has a great value on the net and of course for companies, there are even methods used by some companies to collect our information and thus offer it to those who really need it. Now, among all the information that can be filtered when browsing, there is the IP address, so today we are going to talk about how to find the exact location of an IP address, but first let’s clarify what it is.

¿What is an IP address?

An IP address is a set of numbers that provide an identification of a device on the network, whether it is a PC, a cellphone or any other device that has a connection and these can be private (used to identify you on the router so that you can connect computers to it) or public (it is the identifier with which you go out to the network). Now, when you enter a website, it will know what your public IP is and will be able to offer you a more personalised service.

How to find the exact location of an IP address

To find the exact location of an IP address there are different methods, whose information will yield the country it belongs to, the city and even the approximate coordinates.

So, the first thing you need to do to find out this information is to know the IP you are interested in and once you have identified it, what you can do is to use some tools, among we find:

With this tool, you can locate the IP to know its geolocation or the provider it belongs to, but not only this, as it also offers you the possibility of discovering the IPs or even trace the emails received until you reach the first sender.


This tool is similar to the previous one but with the advantage that it is very easy to use, as its operation is very basic, where you only have to go to the website and enter the IP you want to find and ready!, it will automatically show you all the available information about it.


With this free online tool, you can enter up to 25 IP addresses and it is just as easy to use as the previous one, with this you will have the exact coordinates of the IP address, the operator, etc

Finally, there are methods to not show the real address while surfing the web, among them are the famous VPN, Proxy or Tor; so it is possible that you have an IP address that is not real, pay attention to it.

These are some of the many tools that exist on the web and the best thing is that they are easy to use as you might realise, so if you need this kind of service, do not hesitate to resort to one of these and find an IP address, so take advantage of them.

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