How to fix Microsoft Word documents not printing correctly

How to fix Microsoft Word documents not printing correctly

By IsraeliPanda

There are many explanations behind Microsoft Word reports to print out oddly. Some include mistakes with the program; others could indicate more extensive issues.

Assuming your Microsoft Word records are printing out inaccurately on Windows, attempt these investigating choices to get wonderful prints without fail.

Figuring out What the Problem Is

Before we start, you ought to know that a couple of these investigating methods to figure out why Microsoft Word isn’t printing accurately include some test printing. If you have any desire to preserve printer toner or ink, this is the way to change settings to make Microsoft Word print clearly.

Print a Test Page

Before you attempt some other possible fix, precluding a blunder with your printer is ideal. This will provide you with a thought of where the issue lies. Follow these moves toward print a test page on your printer.

  • Click on the Start menu and type ‘control board.’
  • Click on the Control Panel application.
  • In Category view, look under Hardware and Sound for the View gadgets and printers’ choice. 

Right-click on your printer and select Printer properties. (Ensure your printer is associated with your PC and turned on. The printer will be turned gray out in the event that it isn’t.)

The test page ought to let you know whether your printer has been introduced accurately. Assuming there is an issue with your printer, this aide on what to do when your printer isn’t working ought to assist you with settling the issue.

Assuming the test page prints out accurately, the issue is most likely not with your printer. It very well may be Microsoft Word or even Windows that is causing the print blunder.

Print Other Microsoft Word Documents

Is the issue with a particular record? A specific document might have debased contents, or the actual record might be tainted. This could cause printing blunders with Microsoft Word. Attempt the accompanying fix:

  • Open another Microsoft Word document.
  • Reorder your text and different information into the new Word archive.
  • Print the recently made record.

On the off chance that your report prints out as wanted, it could be a mistake with the first document. This presumably implies that the print mistake was a disengaged issue, and this ought to determine it.

On the off chance that the page doesn’t print out accurately, it very well may be an issue with Microsoft Word or a portion of its settings.

Print Documents in Other Formats

To know whether the printing issue you are having is Microsoft Word-explicit, take a stab at printing one more record on your PC, perhaps a PDF document or even a site. Squeezing Ctrl + P on most pages ought to pull up the print choices.

Assuming PDF reports print out accurately, here’s a transitory fix: When you’ve concluded the items in your Microsoft Word record, secret it to PDF and print that all things considered.

This is the way to change over a Microsoft Word record into a PDF report. In Microsoft Word on Windows, essentially go to File > Save As, then, at that point, pick PDF at the Save as type dropdown.

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