How to fix slow download speeds on Windows 11

How to fix slow download speeds on Windows 11

By IsraeliPanda

Whether you are going to a web-based gathering or playing an online multiplayer game, a steady web association is an unquestionable necessity for an ideal web-based experience in any case it will undoubtedly be demolished. Aside from these, a sluggish web association might put a brake on the documents you are downloading and burn through your valuable time.

The greatest guilty party of a sluggish web association when you relocate to LAN from Wi-Fi is a failing switch. However, assuming you’ve as of late changed to Windows 11, there can be a few basic reasons. Since the web association speed is trustworthy on a few factors, it’s hard is sorting out the specific reason for this issue. To take care of you and fix a sluggish LAN speed on Windows 11, we have put down a few attempted and tried techniques that can help your network speed.

At the point when you face slow LAN speed issues, the primary thing you ought to do is change to an alternate DNS address. Doing so will further develop your association speed. There are a few DNS specialist organizations right presently to be specific Google public DNS ( and, Cisco OpenDNS ( and, Cloudflare DNS ( and, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It is strongly prescribed to profit the Google Public DNS for better network as it has minimal likelihood of going disconnected or confronting issues. Despite the fact that you can continuously change to some other DNS and check whether this further develops your organization speed. This is the way to change the DNS:

Go to the Settings Application on Windows 11 utilizing the ‘Windows + I’ alternate route. You can likewise look for it in the Beginning menu of Windows 11.

At the point when in Settings Window, pick the ‘Organization and web’ area from the left sheet and afterward ‘Ethernet’ from the right half of the window.

Then, press the Alter button for the ‘DNS server task’ choice. This will raise a discourse box named ‘Alter DNS settings’.

Presently grow the drop-down menu and pick the ‘Manual’ choice.

When you do it, you will see two switches for ‘IPv4’ and ‘IPv6’. Turn on the ‘IPv4’ switch and you’ll see two boxes named ‘Favored DNS’ and ‘Substitute DNS’.

Here you can enter the DNS you mean to utilize. For example, if you need to utilize Google Public DNS, notice ‘’ inside the ‘Favored DNS’ textbox and inside the ‘Substitute DNS’ textbox.

Change the Speed and Duplex Settings

In the event that you design the Speed and Duplex settings wrongly your LAN speed will certainly be limited. Think about the accompanying model; assuming you have decided on 100Mbps transmission capacity, yet the Speed and Duplex just permit 10Mbps speed, then, at that point, your organization speed will be packed up to just 10Mbps. Consequently, it is fundamental to guarantee that your Speed and Duplex settings are properly designed. 

As a matter of some importance, make a beeline for the Beginning Menu and type Settings in the Hunt bar. Presently pick the significant item to open the Windows 11 Settings Window.

Then, pick the ‘Organization and web settings from the left board and afterward ‘High level organization settings’ choice from the right sheet.

Presently snap to open the ‘More organization connector choices’. This will open another spring up named ‘Organization Associations’.

Then, right-click your Ethernet Connector to raise the setting menu and pick the ‘Properties’ choice.

This will open up another window; presently press the Arrange button close to the Connector name.

You will be taken to the Properties Window. Here move to the ‘High level’ tab and continue to look until you arrive at the ‘Speed and Duplex’ property in the ‘Property:’ list.

Presently click on the property to feature it and afterward pick the ‘100 Mbps Full Duplex’ esteem in the drop-down menu of the worth message. This worth will work in the event that your data transmission is around 100Mbps. Be that as it may, in the event that your data transmission is more prominent than 100 Mbps, pick the ‘1.0 Gbps Full Duplex’ choice here.

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