How to fix sticky notes app not working on Windows 11

How to fix sticky notes app not working on Windows 11

By IsraeliPanda

Tacky Notes is one of the most amazing note-taking applications and its highlights are basically the same as the actual ones. With them, you can rapidly add a note and pin it to your work area for simple access. However, a few clients have revealed that Sticky Notes doesn’t deal with Windows 11.

It first turned into an independent application in Quite a while 7 and has kept on being one of our top picks from that point forward. Furthermore, you can match up notes across gadgets, even those running iOS or Android as long as they have OneNote and Outlook for Windows.

For what reason doesn’t Sticky Notes chip away at Windows 11?

This is one of only a handful of exceptional bugs where the principal issues are restricted, not normal for different situations where the rundown goes on. We have recorded a portion of the normal causes that keep Sticky Notes from dealing with Windows 11:

  • Mistake in current OS variant or Sticky Notes
  • A few highlights influence the proficient working
  • Adulterated application records
  • Establishment issues
  • Issues with the ongoing client profile

In any case, one of the fairly troublesome viewpoints here is to decide the reason for the issue. Furthermore, it would be quite hard! We suggest that you run the fixes beneath in the request recorded for fast and productive investigating.

What to do in the event that Sticky Notes don’t chip away at Windows 11?

Update Windows 11

Press Windows+ Ito start the application ” Setting “, And select” Windows Update » on the tabs recorded in the route bar on the left.

Presently press Check for Updates » to find accessible more up to date OS variants.

Assuming they show up in the rundown subsequent to checking, click ” Download and introduce ‘.

Your principal way to deal with investigating issues with applications that accompany Windows is to search for refreshes. In the event that this is a known bug, Microsoft will in all probability deliver a fix for it in later updates.

Update your notes

Press Windows+ Sto send off the menu Search , enter Microsoft Store into the message box at the top and snap the relating query output.

Trust that the output will finish and assuming the rundown contains an update for Sticky Notes , download it.

Run the investigator

  • Press Windows+ Ito start the application ” Setting “, and press ” Troubleshoot issues “On the right half of the tab” System “.
  • Click ” Other investigating devices » to see all suitable.
  • Adhere to the on-screen directions and select the right response whenever incited to finish the investigating system.
  • It is constantly suggested that you first search for the underlying investigator when you experience an issue in Windows. Microsoft offers a few of them to help analyze and fix both framework and fringe related mistakes.

Also, fortunately, you have the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter, which ought to fix issues causing Sticky Notes not to deal with Windows 11.

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