How to fix Telegram keeps crashing on Android and iPhone

How to fix Telegram keeps crashing on Android and iPhone

By IsraeliPanda

Did you experienced the “Wire App Keeps Crashing” or “Message continues to stop” blunder on Android? Taking a gander at how to fix Telegram has halted blunder? On the off chance that indeed, this blog will assist you with handling what is going on.

Wire is an extremely well known informing stage from which clients can visit in a protected manner and no outsider can hinder between them. It offers start to finish encryption.

Yet, as per numerous clients, the Telegram application was not working as expected on the grounds that the application stuck on a mistake message appearing “Wire continues to crash”. Presently it’s truly disturbing and how to fix it is a major test. However, you don’t need to stress since here in this article, you will get a best and compelling ways of investigating message continues to stop on Android.

How To Fix Telegram Keeps Crashing On Android?

The following are a couple of plausible and most suggested fixes for Telegram continues to stop Android. Walkthrough them and check whether they are working for you.

Technique 1: Restart Your Phone

Whenever you run over such a mistake on your telephone and you don’t have the foggiest idea what to do then the best is to restart your gadget. This is a basic answer for any sort of errors on an Android telephone. When you restart your gadget, all the applications running behind the scenes will be shut and ideally, your application will presently run as expected with next to no issue.

Be that as it may, in the event that you consistently see a similar mistake, move to the following technique.

Technique 2: Force Close The Telegram App

At the point when the Telegram application doesn’t answer then I will recommend you force close the application. This is likewise truly outstanding and simple method for fixing Telegram continues to stop Android. Numerous clients have settled the issue by tapping on the power quit choice.

So you ought to likewise attempt this strategy and check in the event that it is working for you.

Technique 3: Clear Data And Cache Of Telegram

You ought to likewise get the reserve and information free from the Telegram application to dispose of the blunder. Many ruined reserved information can intrude on the smooth working of the application and prevents you from getting to it. So you ought to get all information and store free from the application.

Follow the beneath steps:

  • To begin with, click on the Settings choice on your telephone
  • Then, at that point, click on Apps and Notifications to oversee application settings
  • Then, click on See all applications > Telegram > click Storage and Cache
  • Here, you need to tap on Clear Storage and Clear reserve to eliminate brief information
  • After you have done the above settings, check regardless of whether the wire application is turned out great.

Technique 4: Uninstall And Reinstall Telegram App Once

It might happen that the issue is expected to the actual application. In that particular situation, I will suggest you uninstall the application once and reinstall the new one from the Google play store. This is the most ideal method for disposing of the blunder.

In the first place, uninstall the Telegram application from your telephone. And afterward go to Google Play Store and quest for the Telegram application. After that snap on the Install choice and the application will get introduced.

When your application isn’t refreshed to the most recent form, then likewise you can encounter tragically the wire application continues to crash on Android. This is bothering and to handle it, you ought to check if your application needs any update.

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