How to fix unable to remove printer on Windows 11

How to fix unable to remove printer on Windows 11

Windows PCs permit you to interface with various Printers at various times. The most common way of introducing a printer application into your PC has developed to turn out to be extremely helpful throughout the long term. In any case, at some random time, there are just such countless printers that your PC actually needs to remain snared on. Each time you introduce a printer, it stays there until you physically dispose of it. Indeed, even after you settle on eliminating the printer, your gadget’s memory stores its driver on the off chance that it is at any point introduced again from here on out. Today I will be offering to you different techniques by which you can for all time delink printers from your PC.

The most effective method to eliminate a Printer in Windows 11/10

There are multiple manners by which you can approach uninstalling a printer on a Windows PC, so I will examine five of them:

  • Through Settings
  • Through the Control Panel
  • Utilizing Print Server Properties
  • Utilizing the Command Prompt
  • Through the Registry Editor.

1] Uninstall Printer utilizing Settings

  • Open up your Windows settings.
  • Among the classes, you’ll track down one named ‘Gadgets’. Click on it.
  • Look at the choices on the left side and pick ‘Printers and Scanners.’ There, you’ll find the rundown of all printers and scanners that have, until this point, been introduced into your PC.
  • Click on the one you wish to uninstall, and you will be given a ‘eliminate gadget’ choice.
  • Completely finishing till here would finish the work for a great many people out there, however on the off chance that you are utilizing an outsider application to run these printers, you should dispose of it as well. This should be possible by:
  • Choosing ‘Applications’ from the ‘Settings’.
  • Click on ‘Applications and Features
  • Select the product and uninstall.


2] Uninstall Printer utilizing Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel by composing so on your PC’s pursuit sheet.
  • Go to the ‘Equipment and Sound’ classification.
  • You ought to follow the previously mentioned advances in regards to the uninstallation of any printer-related programming in the event that you decide to delink printers utilizing this technique as well.

3] Uninstall Printer utilizing Print Server Properties

There may, on occasion, be a situation where even subsequent to uninstalling a printer through your gadget settings, you are as yet seeing it among the printers right now or recently connected with your PC. In such a situation, you can utilize your gadget’s Print Server Properties to eliminate a printer.

  • Open your PC’s settings and explore to ‘Gadgets.’
  • On the left, under related settings, you’ll see a choice by the name ‘print server properties.’
  • Another way, and a somewhat fast one, of opening Print Server Properties, is to open the ‘Run’ execution and type the accompanying and hit Enter:

In any case returning, tapping on the Print server properties connection will open a different exchange box enrolling various properties. Pick the ‘Drivers’ settings.

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