How To Get More Followers On Instagram?


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Instagram was founded in the year 2012. In the beginning, Instagram was just an image sharing platform. But, over time, so many things updated to make it more user friendly.

Over time, features like stories, short videos, IGTV, direct messages, etc. were introduced. This social media platform has grown real quick and the number of people joining this platform also increased really fast.

Do you know Instagram has more than 200 million active monthly users sharing 60 million images and has around 1.6 billion likes per day?

Earlier were the days when getting organic traffic on this platform wasn’t that challenging. But at present, it’s becoming more and more difficult. Over time, Instagram has introduced many changes as well as made its rules more strict.

At present, you can’t gain bot or fake followers and win the Instagram game. With so many algorithmic changes, Instagram wants users to spend more and more time on it. To do that, this social media channel focuses on the relevancy and quality of the content.

If you are a new Instagram influencer, you must be having a hard time growing on this platform. In this post, I have shared some tips through which you can get more followers:

1. Post consistently

What the majority of newbie Instagram influencers make mistake is they get irregular with the publishing of content on this platform. This is really important for new accounts. For new pages, maintaining consistency is the key to Instagram success. Most newbies consistently publish posts for a few days or few weeks, later they break consistency (maybe due to the demotivation that their account is not growing). Through Instagram, you do not get results overnight, it requires plenty of effort.

2. Have a hashtag for your company

Another great way to boost your Instagram followers is by cross-promoting your company’s hashtag. You don’t just need to promote your hashtag online, you also need to promote it through different offline ways. This method can also help you gain followers on your Instagram handle.

3. Share engaging content

No matter which social media platform you select, all of them are for engagement. To gain followers on your profile and to gain likes, comments, and shares on your Instagram posts, make sure to share relevant and engaging content with your followers. The more engaged your audience is with your content, the chances are Instagram will start promoting your posts on the discover page. In short, publishing quality content consistently will help you gain more engagement.

4. Use relevant hashtags

The mistake most newbie Instagram influencers and marketers make is they use irrelevant hashtags in their posts. You need to make sure the hashtags you are using has something to do with your Instagram post. Using the wrong hashtags would confuse Instagram about what your content is all about.

5. Tag your location

This is another factor that can help you increase your Instagram followers. If you are one of those people who don’t tag the location on Instagram posts, you are missing a good number of followers. You can tag your location on Instagram posts as well as stories.

6. Follow other relevant users

This might sound old-school, but this is still effective. When you follow and engage with other accounts within the same niche, it helps Instagram to know what your account & content is about. Note that you should follow relevant users, following so many irrelevant accounts will not help. And, when it comes to following other users on Instagram, don’t spam it.

7. Create shareable content

This one is a great way to gain likes, comments, and shares on your posts as well as increase your Instagram followers. Depending on what niche you are in, you will need to create high quality and shareable content. It can increase your followers in two ways. When users share your content with other accounts, you get some followers. And, due to high number of post shares, Instagram gives a small boost to your content and increase your reach.

8. Leverage stories & IGTV

Uploading stories and IGTVs worth it. Instagram considers various aspects while boosting the content of any Instagram account. Posting Instagram stories helps Instagram know that you are active and posting IGTVs means you are providing valuable content to your audience.


So these are the simple tips you need to follow for increasing followers. Depending on the niche you are in or your content type, some of these tips may not be for you.