How to get Whatsapp notifications on Amazfit Watches

How to get Whatsapp notifications on Amazfit Watches

By IsraeliPanda

Amazfit GTS upholds message warnings highlights, like WhatsApp, Wechat, SMS or other APP notices, which is extremely advantageous. So how would you set up message warnings, how to erase message push for Amazfit GTS? You can definitely relax! Just read on.

How to empower notices of Amazfit GTS?

During utilising the Amazfit GTS, you really want to empower the relating “Application alarms” on the App settings and keep the watch and the cell phone associated appropriately. You can likewise empower the approaching SMS and approaching call cautions as you wish.

  • For iOS gadgets, you really want to match and interface the watch with the Amazfit App.
  • For Android gadgets, you want to keep the App running behind the scenes or incorporate the App into your beginning whitelist, in order to guarantee the cell phone can send the caution to the watch.

How to see warnings of Amazfit GTS?

1. On account of an approaching warning, the watch will consequently illuminate the screen and

show the substance.

2. You can see the uninitiated warning in the notice rundown and tap any notice to enter the notice subtleties page.

Step by step instructions to erase warnings of Amazfit GTS?

  • The read notice on the Amazfit GTS or the cell phone will be consequently erased from the warning rundown on the watch.
  • To physically erase the notice on the watch, simply slide left on the warning to be erased and tap the erase symbol.

For Gearbest clients:

If you’ve bought Amazfit GTS from us nevertheless have issues subsequent to utilizing these tips, kindly make it a point to contact us. Simply fill in the ticket with your inquiries at our Support Center and send it to us. We will give our all to manage your concern straight away. We are generally eager to assist.

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