How to Have a Phone Call with a Facebook Marketing Expert

How to Have a Phone Call with a Facebook Marketing Expert

By Alex Balaniuc

Looking for a way to expand your business by reaching more customers? A good marketing campaign can do the trick! If you want to find out how to advertise your business in the most effective way on Facebook, for instance, you could use a little help from Facebook Marketing Experts. Let’s find out about it, and see whether you can contact the support team for this service via phone call!

Why you should be interested in social media marketing

Facebook Marketing Expert


First and foremost, let’s briefly discuss why marketing your business on Facebook is a very smart choice.

Offering high quality products and services is undeniably extremely important in order to get your company’s name out there. Caring about this aspect will make it possible to attract new customers and keep regular ones coming. Customers should feel like their money is well spent, after all.

But if you feel like your business could do better, you should consider advertising it on social networking sites, such as Facebook.

Facebook is a goldmine for brands that want to gain more exposure. Given its title of “the most popular social media platform of all time”, it’s no surprise that almost every business on the planet makes sure to have a dedicated Facebook Page, or simply to advertise their stuff within dedicated ad spaces. With almost 3 billion monthly active users in 2021, the chances of getting noticed by potential customers through the platform are extremely high.

What is Facebook Marketing Experts?


Facebook makes things easier for advertisers that choose the site to market the products and services of the company they’re working with. In fact, Meta for Business —  formerly known as Facebook for Business — is a service that includes various tools, tips, insights and resources to help market your company effectively.

Facebook Marketing Experts is a program that’s part of Meta for Business, and it will help you achieve your business goals. In case you need some advice for polishing your marketing skills, you can trust the guidance of FME’s professionals.

How to request a consultation with a Marketing Expert

Now, how do you get into the program? Can you contact an Expert via phone? Is there any prerequisite you need to satisfy? Do you apply for some sort of evaluation?

Well, you do need a Facebook Business Manager account, and to have placed a good amount of ads on Facebook beforehand. When you’ve already started an ad campaign on the platform, it will be easier for a Marketing Expert to figure out what your tactic is and how you can improve it. The Expert will get an idea of your marketing goals, and will give you advice and tips suited for your business.

If you have an ad campaign going on at the moment, you can check on the Facebook Marketing Experts page if you’re able to request a consultation with an Expert. While on the page, scroll down to the “Next steps” section: you’ll be eventually told whether you’re eligible for speaking to an Expert through phone call. By clicking on “Book Now“, you can choose the time for the consultation.

It’s very likely that you’ll start getting emails once you’ve become fit for requesting the service, as well.


With all that said, I wish you good luck with your business ventures!


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