How to hide photos and videos from smartphone gallery

How to hide photos and videos from smartphone gallery

August 25, 2021 By IsraeliPanda

Your android telephone is an archive of individual and official photographs and recordings. It might likewise have some classified, delicate, or private media records, which you would prefer not to open to irregular individuals.

The best answer for keeping your photographs and recordings hidden is to conceal them on the Android gadget.

The most effective method to stow away photographs and recordings on Android

Stowing away photographs and recordings on android means causing them to vanish from your cell phone display yet not erasing them. This locks the photographs and recordings and forestalls any other individual from survey your own or characterized information.

Certain strategies can shroud recordings and photographs on android, for example, the implicit photograph conceals highlight, Google Photos, and outsider applications.

Here are the best strategies to stow away photographs and recordings on Android Gallery:

  • Record Manager on Android
  • Chronicle in Google Photos
  • Stowaway photographs with an application
  • Secure Folder highlight in Samsung Galaxy

1. Stowaway photographs and recordings utilizing File Manager on Android

Most recent Android telephones have implicit File Manager. In the event that you don’t have one on your gadget, introduce it from Google Play Store.

Document Manager on Android assists with overseeing records on your cell phone. You can decide to save the ideal photographs, recordings, and different documents in the telephone’s inner stockpiling or its SD card, assuming any.

Steps to stow away photographs, recordings in File Manager:

  • Open File Manager.
  • Snap-on Menu > Settings.
  • Switch on Show stowed away records.
  • Open the File Manager menu again and select either inward capacity or SD card.
  • Snap-on New envelope or Create an organizer in some Android models.
  • Name the organizer. Make a point to add a period (.) previously, then after the fact the name like .individual. Close File Manager.
  • Open Gallery to add photographs or recordings to the organizer.
  • Select the photographs and recordings and snap-on Add to collection.
  • Select Hidden collection. Your photographs and recordings will get included in the Hidden organizer and taken out from Android Gallery.
  • Then, open File Manager > Settings.
  • Switch off Show stowed away records. The envelope you made will not be noticeable in File Manager. You can flip on Show stowed away records at whatever point you wish to see the covered-up photographs and recordings.

2. Conceal Android Gallery by means of Google Photos

File photographs and recordings in Google Photos on Android telephone. This will conceal them from your Android Gallery. You can get to photographs and recordings in the Archive organizer under the Library choice in Google Photos.

Steps to stow away photographs, recordings in Google Photos:

  • Open the Google Photos application and select the pictures and recordings you need to stow away.
  • Snap-on the three-speck symbol at the upper right corner.
  • Snap Move to Archive.

3. Conceal Gallery photographs, recordings with application

There are free applications accessible on Google Play Store to conceal pictures and recordings in Gallery. Android photograph stow away applications are a decent other option on the off chance that you discover the File Manager muddled.

These applications are not difficult to utilize and have the choice to secret key ensure your media documents on Android.

In contrast to File Manager, they offer a few provisions like secret key/pin/unique mark security, cloud reinforcement, private exhibition, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Key provisions:

  • Pin or text secret key insurance
  • Make different vaults for a particular arrangement of photographs and recordings
  • Mugshot includes that snaps an image of any individual who enters the wrong secret phrase.

Key elements:

  • AES encryption
  • Stows away and scrambles limitless photographs and recordings
  • The choice to make the LockMyPix application imperceptible on Android telephone
  • A Fake-Login includes that opens a phony LockMyPix account where you can put different pictures/recordings. No one realizes that you have another LockMyPix vault.
  • Scrambled reinforcements

4. Secure Folder in Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy telephone clients can utilize the Secure Folder element to shroud photographs and recordings on Android. It permits you to keep hidden pictures, recordings, and applications in a got envelope. You can lock the envelope just as conceal it on your Samsung telephone. The Secure Folder highlight is remembered for Galaxy S7 and S7, Galaxy A3, and Galaxy A5.

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