How to hide WhatsApp notification preview on Android

How to hide WhatsApp notification preview on Android

By IsraeliPanda

Concealing notice see is an extremely straightforward interaction on both iPhone and Android. Simply hop into the settings application and you can pick what ought to be immediately apparent and what shouldn’t be. Fortunately, on WhatsApp, the cycle is significantly more straightforward as the controls for concealing notice reviews are prepared inside the actual application. Furthermore, empowering it simply, as well.

When the element is empowered, at whatever point another notice shows up for WhatsApp, the substance will not be apparent by any means. Assuming there are intrusive eyes around you, they will not understand what you are referring to.

From this point forward, at whatever point you receive a message on WhatsApp, the message won’t be apparent in the actual warning. Be that as it may, remember a certain something, while you figured out how to conceal the text content of the actual notice, the name of the individual and their showcase picture will in any case be apparent. To cure this, then you can essentially handicap notice reviews totally by going to Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp and a crippling sneak peek totally from here on iPhone. You can likewise do likewise on your Android telephone by going to warning settings.

Assuming you figure out how to wreck things at the end of the notice, you can generally reset everything by going to WhatsApp > Settings and afterwards tap on Reset Notification Settings. Allude to the screen capture in sync 4 and you’ll know what we are referring to here. When reset, you can start from the very beginning once more and make changes again in the manner in which you like.

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