How to install Telegram on Linux

How to install Telegram on Linux

By IsraeliPanda

Wire is a famous texting stage that allows you to send messages, settle on VoIP decisions, and offer records, both on cell phones and on your work area.

Assuming you much of the time use Telegram for the entirety of your interchanges — and just have it on your telephone — you should introduce it on your work area, as well, to answer calls and messages while you’re at your work area.

In the event that you’re running Linux, however, introducing Telegram can be somewhat muddled — very much like introducing other programming. So to improve on things, here’s a manual for assist you with introducing Telegram on your Linux machine.

Introduce Telegram on Debian-Based Distros

Introducing Telegram on Debian-based distros is the least demanding. So in the event that you’re running Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or the preferences, you can introduce Telegram Desktop on your machine with the assistance of the accompanying advances.

To start, send off the terminal application. Then, update your framework’s storehouse list and download the wire work area bundle utilizing APT.

When incited, type y and press Enter to proceed. Presently, contingent upon your web association, Telegram Desktop will carve out opportunity to introduce on your PC.

Whenever it’s introduced, you can send off Telegram by either tracking down it in the Applications menu or composing message in the terminal.

Assuming you wish to uninstall Telegram Desktop from your framework, you can do as such by running:

Step by step instructions to Install Telegram Desktop on Other Distros

Not at all like Debian-based distros, introducing Telegram on other Linux distros isn’t as direct. Yet, we intend to improve on the interaction for you with the assistance of the accompanying advances.

On your Fedora or Arch-based PC, download the Telegram Desktop TAR file from the authority site.

When that is finished, you ought to have the option to send off Telegram from the Applications menu. You can likewise run it from the terminal by essentially giving the message order — no matter what your current working catalog.

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