How to install the first beta of Android 13 on Google Pixel

How to install the first beta of Android 13 on Google Pixel

By ariannaflamini

Google released in 2022 the first beta of Android 13. It’s an easier operating system for smartphones and tablets to install on supported Google Pixel devices. Google Pixel is a range of Google-branded mobile devices that, as of 2016, replaces the previous Google Nexus series. Android 13 offers preview access to test new features for the future undeclared platform, which is still in active development. Android 13 Beta 1 offers new features such as enhanced file access permissions, improved error reporting in KeyStore and KeyMint, and new audio routing APIs. Google expects at least one beta per month until July, after which the stable version of the operating system will arrive. Before installing it, we need to know that Android 13 Beta 1 is compatible with these smartphones: Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

To install the first beta of Android 13 on a Google Pixel smartphone, go to the Android Beta Program page. Once inside, select at the bottom of the page the smartphone on which you want to install the beta and activate it. Accept the Google Terms of Service; then on your smartphone, go to Settings and then System. Here select Advanced Preferences and choose System Update. In that case, the Android 13 update should be available. If not, check the availability of updates. Finally, your smartphone should restart automatically.

It’s important that you back up your data before installing this release because, although it’s much more stable than previous Developer Preview, it may still have bugs. The Android Beta Feedback app has been included in the beta software and it is the preferred method to report bugs. In addition, if you currently have registered for Android 12 beta and you would like to register for Android 13 beta, you can register an additional device or you can first unsubscribe from the device to Android 12 beta (action that may require deletion of data) and then register it to Android 13 beta.

Following the proposed instructions, you can join the beta program and receive the OTA update for this Beta 1 of Android 13, as well as for all subsequent versions.

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